Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today watched movie with wen,chien,juli at ecm
actually they wanna watch 3D avatar but full of people already
got place to sit but too in front
then change plan watch AVATAR movie without 3D
but quite nice
four of us first time watch at there
and we totally freezing inside too
wen said that we sit under the air-cond
that's why so cold
haha..2 hours 45 min
that movie quite long
if watch with 3D,how will it be ?
I dont know
First group of PLKN coming soon
oh,wish all the best for my friends in first group^^
yaya,I not selected to join PLKN T.T

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


2010 is near
2009 just left 2 days
hohoho~Happy New year
I miss all my friends no matter where they are now
miss your all ^^

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~after exam~

I had been long time did not updated my blog~
First,the SPM was over ~
but after SPM need to plan a lot of things
Continue study or play ?
HAiz...the time is limit ~what should I do ?
For me,SPM quite difficult~
I hope the result will be good ~
Last few weeks,
my grandma had operated her both legs
luckily all going smoothly ,now my grandma stayed at my house for rest ~
When this problem had settled,another problem would appear again~
It just keep going and nobody know what will happen next...
nobody know when it will be end ~
During 11/12/2009 was my friend,pei wen's birthday~
We were planned to go for her house celebrated her birthday
Maybe not too surprise ~because She know what was the purpose we went for her house...
anywhere we did celebrated her birthday ya ^^
During 15/12/2009 ,the event was :
Amazing Race

This was the first time ktn xue ji organised amazing race
the journey started from Taman Gelora to Taman Teruntum to Teluk Chempedak
Firstly I'm very sorry for not helping a lot
But 21th xue ji,especially incharge for the games,president,secretary
Your all had done the best ~
Your hard work we very appreciated~
but finally this activity ended smoothly~
18-20 december ,the 22th xue ji camp at Dungun,Terengganu
hoho~need to blast off again~

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Luck everyone ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Day

Today is my birthday ~ ^^
My friends had celebrated my birthday at school
The cake was orange favour~
oh well, I had received some presents~
Thanks for the present ya~ ^^
Thanks for the wish from all my friends ya ^^
I have nothing else to say ~
Today was a happy day for me ^^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Rush rush rush~
Our target "FRIED CHICKEN"
Time to start the journey :1.10 pm
Venue : From school to Qiant

Who suggest this idea ? o.O
Who else ~ loH~
She kept saying want to eat fried chicken start from yesterday~
I thought she just saying only~ but 50% she would do it ya~
Ya,today we went there after our school~
actually the journey started from 1.10pm
unfortunately, our last period teacher came~
what?! who knew that ? nobody knew teacher came~ =.=
Teacher said that who finished the exercise counted as attended her class~
oh well,we finished the exercise as soon as possible(Actually just few questions only)~
Yeah,then we went Qiant and ate KFC ~
When we reached there the time already 1.45pm ~
We ate , ate her fried chicken~
Actually still got a lot of funny things ...mostly related to
today she quite naughty loh~heheee
lazy to say ~ ^^

Thursday, October 15, 2009

hehee ~help friend promote~
come and visit the website above ya ^^

secondly,this few day always refreshed many things on my mind~
The moments with my friends since primary school until form 5
hoho~although we met when we were tuition in the same place,but our friendship became further apart just like momentum after collide and will move apart for the concept of elastic collision~
Schooling day~
nothing special ~bored
revision at school,unbelievable right ?
hehee..because too bored ~actually also no revise ~
Most of the question I simply answering...
MOsquitoes still attacked me at school~ haiz...

I know sometimes my senteces look weird,
many mistakes,many wrong spelling,
sometimes my writing terrible,how terrible ?
terrible until I also dont understand what I try to express it
but please forgiving me,I try my best to write it ~

Time passed quickly~nightmare is around the corner~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

met again ^^

Today I met my friends at tuition there~
I really didnt expect that ~
My malay friends ^^
We had been two years didnt contact each other ~
I'm very happy to see them again~
Suddenly I think about my cousin
The one who close with me one upon a time ~
I hope she will remember me
but now...we had lost contact ~
due to her father ...
If I not wrong,now she was in standard 2 study in primary school
our happy moments when we were played together appear from my mind
I miss that moments ~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This year moon cake festival quite bored
no celebrate with neighbour this year
maybe this year they all busy~
secondly,when school reopen my friends started to day off whenever the day they like~
Thirdly,I will be less blogging~
I have no mood to write
but I will write it more after spm
Wish pmr and spm students all the best ~ hoho ^^

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A week holiday

I have to say bye bye to my holiday ~
tomorrow is school reopen loh~ least I get enough rest for the holiday
sleep late and wake up late ~hehee
but 8.00am wake up,is this count as wake up late ?
I dont know~
Yesterday chat with my friend
and ask me what no blogging for so long
oh ya,some of the incident is not suitable for express it
It will make the things become worse
by the way,it is not too bad using english to write izit~
although I know my spelling and my language quite poor
I try my best ya
because if I use chinese to write...I will write quite long and use longer time to finish it ~
but I want to write it faster~
ABC is much easier..hehee
Start holiday ,I just went for my friend's house and play water on the next day
until now,my skin still dark dark ~
this is the fact after playing water under sunshine
Nothing special just stay at home few day online and watching tv ~
although some of the movie not attractive =.=
but for me still long as the tv is on and I can online
Sometimes I think I really stupid ~
haiz... oh well,what can I ask ~blah blah blah
I cant write my blog just like previous year~
my mum get same present for her birthday
two bottles of red wine ~
my brother and I gave the red wine for my mum,
and another wan was giving by my neighbour~
One month to go ~special day for me and nightmare is coming~
Not expect anything,kinda no mood to think about it
sometimes it quite disappointed...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hang out with friends-part 2

Last night,totally 5 people stay at's house
After the party,we ate a lot of food ...
then we watch Final Destination 4 ~
Oh~quite ok loH ~not scarely at all
The next day,
we went to Gambang Water Park~
we sat at yuri's car and blast off
When reached there,saw some of school's friend there...
then play water full day ~
adult price costs RM 20 ~ wor~
If just kids,only costs RM 13...
We played the water park of adult and kids
haha...we still young~ so we played both~
and many many interesting events happen~
now skin become darker ~
tired ~totally tired ~ ~ ~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hang out with friends

My friends and I hang out together
firstly ,I'm the first person who arrive ~
I want to buy wine as my mum's present ~
hohoho~of course That was a gift from my brother and I ...~
use our own money to buy it ~hehee
Then we had watched "Tsunami" korean vesion
There wrote that "you only have 10 minutes to save the one you love"
something like that I guess...
Tsunami destroyed korea city ~
One part of the movie really funny
A guy escaped from danger ~and many times almost killed him~
He sure was a lucky guy~he was escaped from all this danger
Then we were thinking and thinking
discuss and discuss ~Dont know want to give what to's sis
finally we all decided bought this and that~hoho
Later at night,we will going to her sis's party ~
Then the next day we have our activity to follow~
Selamat Hari Raya ya,everyone ^^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holiday ~one week~

one week holiday arrive ~
oh well,just finish trial exam
really difficult ~
or to me ~really really difficult
hope can pass all subjects
I really not confident with this trial
Really tired ~ ~
leak of sleeping ~
panda's eye appear again
Thanks for the friends who cares about me ~
Arigato Gozaimasu ~
Long time no write blog ~
Oh well,I had outdate for the animes and chinese song
My high score at facebook for the word challenge and typing maniac had dropped
Leak of communication will cause a lot of things happen
so this is what happen this few day my family and I ~
many things affected it ~
oh well,if talk will hurt someone,then better keep quiet
ya,now is what I doing now
less talk will make things better
If previous year,I will express everything at here
now more ~ hohoho
however,I would not let my blog blow away~ hehee
mosquitoes attacked me again and again ~ =.=

Friday, September 4, 2009

Good luck for your all ^^

~now trial SPM ~
the questions quite difficult for me to understand the real theme for it
I mean the essay part ~
confusing me
still got two more weeks to go ~ ><
how to survive ~
Thanks to my friends who wish me good luck for exam ya ^^
Same same to your all too
Today is mesyuarat agung 2009 for library
anywhere not much pps present for it
oh well,this is the new MT responsible
hurray ~ finally ~at last ~free ~ not need duty ~hohoho~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I know I know ....
nightmare coming
but I still the same
less revision
what can I do ~
try my best for it???
less chatting with net friends
but I miss them ^^
by the way,they quite busy ~
maybe they had forget who I am
but yet,I hope they still remember me
we all have our own life to fight ~
so let us gambateh ^^
sometimes a person will become selfish
too selfish until dont know how to care people
just think for his/her own benefits
I'm not waiting for it
I have no patient for waiting it
it become meaningless for me
dont know what I truly need
miss my little cousin so much
it had been a few year since we met last time
but I think she might forget me
too many things happen around me~
headache when thinking about it....
it just refreshed back some unforgetten memories

Friday, August 21, 2009


Yesterday after tuition at night,I felt hungry~
then I bought a burger near Tunas Manja ~
The burger just costs RM 2.40
Burger ayam + egg~
and the place was clean~
important was they not use hand to pick up the those materials~
delicious ~yummy~hohoho~
around 10.15pm ,a lot of people came and bought it ~

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our school ditutup seminggu~
so boring,but I not need wake up so early in the morning.
after holiday my nightmare begin loh~
nothing special happen
this few day my net have problem~
dont know why ? cant online~~~~
oH!!! everytime need to find the right time to online~
quite hard u know ? sometime morning can online,sometime afternoon or night~
yesterday I tuition account~
oh mind,teacher said that account is not easy as I think ~
when teacher give a offer to those who are weak on "document"(Chapter 3)
which we must answer this questions
When I heard that,I would like to join...
but when teacher saw me then she said that:"what marks u get when mid year? u ok already lah,not need come for that extra tuition"
=.=" my expression ~Oh ~I want to join ,teacher always disallowed~
what can I do ???
Last wednesday I watch a movie ~
the "artifically intelligent"
the story is about a boy called david is a meccha that mean robot
It look exactly like a real boy and very cute ^^
his eyes attracted me ^^
oh~the world was so technology and lastly the boy wanted to become a real boy but this was impossible ~
He went for a adventure and tracked in the ocean ~
he was praying for the little angel and praying almost 2000 years ~
hope that he could become a real boy~
After 2000 year,the would not longer belong to human ~
Alien came and discovered the boy ~...
blah blah blah ~the ending quite normal ~nothing special....haha
I had summarised the story~ too long ..lazy to type ~
I miss my friends ~~~

Friday, August 14, 2009


下个星期Mesyuarat Agung BPPS 2009 后就正式退休了。
老板每次花钱~花到blur blur =.=
是sick还是play truant ?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


oh my god ~ I must be health ya ~
nowadays H1N1 come to kuantan already~
haiz...because of this issue
our kl trip for librarian prefer cancel already~
oh my god ~how come ~haiz....
so disappointed ~ I have been waited for so long~
now cancel because of this ~~~~
Last time I dont know heard who say I'm have been long time no update my blog~
yaya~I'm become lazy ~
I dont know what else I can write here...
not yet think about it
Oh dear ~exam around the corner ~
I'm still online~
I really cant control myself away from my computer and my net ~
cannot !!!
Hope everyone will take good care ya ^^

Friday, July 31, 2009


Hurray,我们form 5能退休了~wakakakkaa~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


还是在new block发生呢~上次发梦也是在new block~
没想到对new block印象那么深刻啊。
最近我一直在早上时刻伤风~recess time又没事了~真奇怪
还好他们也没忘了我~ ^^
久久聊那么一下下,haiz .....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

hang out

TOday hang out with friends
cant watch movie since the seat is too in front of the screen
so we cancel it
Then we went to Mc Donald ate around 3.30 pm~
after that walk walk ~
At 5.00 pm,we ate again~
hoho~both also were tea time ~
It seem like repeating the same movement~haha
We went for the bowling but full of people ~
no mood and no time for waiting our turn to play~
so no play ~
Then went to Holiday planet ~
aiyo~so paiseh ~
I saw someone playing the basketball games ~
then I also want to try loH~
4 token for the games.
RM 1 for 2 token ~
Then I played embrassing ~
I pressed wrong button for the starting ~
I press "team play" ~then the machine didnt record my score~
no mood to throw the basketball already~
paiseh loH~first time play new version of basketball machine games~
Nevermind ...second time I challenge it again~
hurray~this time I pressed the single wan~
and I managed to step on Stage 2 with the help of Wen shing~
next time I will challenge it agaiN~
TOmorrow they decide to go TC (beach) play water and celebrate xiao bing's birthday ~
aiYo~cant go due to my tuition time
wish xiao bing HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^o^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Oh results...
speechless about it~
not satisfied with it ~
This friday decide go funfair near my school~
after that cancel it already
they heard that it is so expensive ya
well,they have no mood to join funfair..
Saturday hang out with friends ~watch movie
what tittle of the movie ?
I dont know ~this have to ask jessie
She suggests this movie ~and she forgot what is the tittle of it~
expect got a word is "Dinousor"
Sunday~ they want to play water at TC again~
Oh~have to replace my account tuition this thursday ~
if not,I have to rush for tuition during saturday
settle for this few day~
Today sempena bulan kecergasan~senamrobik ~
My gang like playing around and dance ~
of course we were doing exercise ~just mix up with dance and "KUNG FU" ~
and "give me five " many times ya
Today my chinese language bad loh
always say wrong word...
so terrible..
so I have to learn from mistakes ~
Actually I have a lot of things need to write
but mostly is relate with my family ...
conclusion for my family and relative problem "no enough money"
You see so important ~


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter

Harry Potter ~
yo~ the harry potter and the half-blood prince
I want to watch loH~
haiz...but not time for me to go for cinema and watcH~
Yesterday I borrowed Harry Potter VCD from my friend~
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ~
cool ~It was an amazing magic of the story~
loh~ is the magic real ?
who know ~
Montly test just ended ~
Trial is around the corner ~
what else ~a lot of things still hung up just like that~
why I have no mood to write blog~
If precious year,I wrote a lot things...
nowadays ...a post just come out per week ~
heheee...aplogize loh for the visiter who come and look look around my blog~

Friday, July 10, 2009


hoho~Taylor's university college loH~
came and told us some details or way choosing the road we want to take after SPM~
oh i see...
SPM also known as "O" Level
I see...
S.M.A.R.T mean

That's all for the seminar...nothing special...
Today is the day for singing competition at my school
LAter at night,have to go there ya
two of my classmates particpated on this competition
wish them good luck loh~
At school,we play some role of family ~
Actors : callie,pei wen,wen shing,yuri,dudu and xiao bing
callie as popo ~ a talkactive and playful popo
pei wen as mummy ~ a caring and mature mummy
Wen Shing as elder sister ~ has a good vocal and bully by popo
Yuri as big sister ~ sleeping beauty ,like to hug xiao bing
dudu zai as little brother ~ sometimes emo,like to play with xiao bing
xiao bing as little sister ~ funny and playful stick with dudu zai

a funny and playful family show out ~hohohoho ^o^

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gotong royong again~

Gotong-royong again ~
Thanks to all the pps who had come to help out~
now the library look more clean and tidy~
Yesterday,I'm arranged the timetable and their duty work~
waste some time for doing that~
I'm not satisfied since majority of the pps absent today~
ya,I know they all lazy to come ~

if you are not active participated for pps's activities....
then why you want to be librarian prefer ?!
This is not the first time already~
Since some of the pps absent many times,then I will take action~
I will come out the surat amaran for those who absent today ~
If you want to challenge me,I will accept and take action~
Nowadays,the quality .... speechless ...
This is not our MT fault ~
We did our job.
This is a personal and disiplince problem ~
How dare they were not rescpect to the senior !
HOw dare they complain since this is their first time doing the job~
Those senior work hard and none of them complain about it~
Unfair !


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sport day for my secondary year...tata

Event: Sport Day of SMK Tanah Putih
Date : 28/6/2009
Time : 7.00 am - 1.00 pm

This year was my last year for attended the sport day event.
This year I have been choosen to be vice president of red house...
Althought I'm not active at sport,I would work hard on other aspects...
I'm great that Azwan(President of Red House) and me work together~
both of us were librarian and as the leader of red house...
We put some effort on it and make sure all the things settled.
Althought this year red house lose already but yet the spirit of red house still burning and will continue for the next year ^^
Thanks for the atlets who participated in the Sport Day ~
I'm join the PBSM perbarisan...
We all didnt pratice and just went out and arrange ourself into 3 ppl in one row with our own style...haha
That's mean without the correct way ~
My skin and face become darker already ~
this is due to the expose of sunlight ya ~HAiz...haha
WInner :
1st ----Rumah Hijau
2nd----Rumah Biru
3rd ----Rumah Merah
4 ------Rumah Kuning
For the last year at SMK Tanah Putih,
at lease I have the memory when me with all of my friends when sport day ^^
Red house ,gambateh next year ya~
win the first place for our red house..the spirit is the most important...

Bye bye ,sport day

juli,wen shing,me and yan jun
(we taking picture when principal gave a speech in front ~hohoho )
Image Hosted by

Friday, June 26, 2009


This few day we playing around until sot plug ya...crazy ^o^
me,juli,yen ping,pei wen,li chien,wen shing and ya hui ~
we just playing when teacher not around in the class~
those teacher also dont know what so busy until didnt enter the class.
we play and chat a lot of stuff ~
and play a childish games..."one two som"
then we punch and our hand all red red ya ~
dudu was the most injury~
poor u ya...
xiao bing was the person who called all of us bit her hardly ya~
hehee..who ask u want this childish request for bit hardly~
now u see...ur hand will be the next most injury
but actually not that serious ~just lebam only...hehee
Tomorrow have schooling ~
sunday sport day~
not time to rest
after schooling tmr,at night tuition
then next day for sport day,after that tuition and tuition until 7.00 pm ~ T.T

Hope when studying,I'm not sleepy ya

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Transformer ?
what is this movie story about ya ?
I dont know oh~
This saturday and sunday have schooling ya ~
saturday replaced friday period ,sunday is sport day
saturday they want to watch movie
because it is too rush for me to watch movie then go for tuition
I miss it ~ I cannot watch "Transformer" ~
I dont know the spelling right or not~ simply type only....
* time we hang out and watch movie again~
this few day I chat with my senior ...
previous year he is my senior for a club ...then he went to penang studying~
Now he become more hardworking ya
Then I wondering where is my friendster's friend ya ~ Tim loh~
he really busy until no time reply my comment ya ~.~
well,a busy man is a busy man~
Today chat a lot of stuff with my friends...
mostly the teacher dont care about us,then we chat loh~
anywhere we also act until a bit crazy ya ''sot plug" long as we are enjoy and happy ~it is nothing loH~

Friendship Forever ya ^^

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


wednesday again~
Just now seeing my friend's blog...
wor~ GN night just over..their dress pretty ya
This few day teachers discussing about our exam
and said that "5S2,please wake up !!! Now still left 5 month ...You still can do it wan"
blah blah blah ~althought we know our dateline were almost near.....
I mean around the corner... but yet we still relaxing~ ^^
I'm great that I had passed all my examinations ~all subjects passed~
Well ~I have to mantain ya ~
Last time school said compulsory every student gave RM 20 for PIBG~
now said want to pay for fee costs RM 54 + RM 20 for PIBG
and said that last time gave RM 20 was " donation " =.=
what?! how can I accpet this reason?
That day we gave RM 20 for PIBG already~before holiday
now want us pay again ~and this time is compulsory again
how can like this ~ now want me pay RM 20 again~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

school ~

school reopen loh
tomorrow is the beginnning of the day~
my holiday just end like that
sleep ,eat ,watch tv,watch animes,suft net....
well,what can I say ~
I want it like this,then it became like this~
I had collect new animes pictures ~
cute pictures ya...hehehe
I like it so much ....
* lease can meet friends ya ~
chit-chat with them ^^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today have add math tuition~
and it was totally boring for this chapter =.=
whole class almost wanna fall to sleep
anywhere teacher was nice ~gave us ate corns(Jagung) and drank "1oo plus" ~
oH~tuition at afternoon section is like this ~ hehee
before that,I went to Xing Chew office to take my rewards for the news I wrote~
Today I'm earned some money,althought it was just small amount...
when the articles I wrote came out on the newspaper ~I'm satisfied ^^
I'm great I'm became the student reporter ~I learned a lot of things ya ~
ya,one of my friendster's friend called Roku went for American ~
yet,I still dont know the reason he went there....
anywhere will miss him ya ~ hope he will take care himself
Some of my net friends which I chat with them within a long period~
they always became busy and less online after that ~
and then they will forgot me too ~
yo,I really hope they will still remember me ya ~
I still remember them too such as tim,roku allan and others ~
miss them so much ~ hohoho ^^

good luck for all my friends ^o^

Saturday, June 6, 2009


my bro just came back 2 days ya ~
our conversation became better than previous years
if previous years,we will just quarrel ~
Then he bought chocolate for me ~It delicious ya
He told me to take care his notebook ~
ya ~ I will take good care...hohoho
Well,nothng much to say ~
but yet,my bro always remember bought chocolate for me ya ~
TQ ya~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

International Phonetic Alphabet

Just 4 people only ~
a form 4 TP girl,me,hock lai and jian der

start from 9.30 am until 11.00am
Listening ~speaking ~blah blah blah 48 vowels....
just like that ~

quite boring ya ~
Then we had a small test ...I correct 14/18
wrong 4 only ~hohohoo

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Happy Birthday, Juli ^o^

Yesterday(Sunday) is my friend's birthday~
after we had finished our tuition ,we began our journey ~
firstly,we walk within 25 min to the east coast mall
after we took lunch there (costs RM 94.50)~something like that
then we walk within 20 min to megamall~
what a long journey ya ~
Xiao Bing quite late that day ~almost 3.00pm she arrived =.=
we took our heavy bag from another destination to another~
You know,is tired?
When we were walking around at the megamall,
we met many friends ya ~
Then watched "terminator salvation" (Spelling wrong,sorry ya~I not sure)
quite nice ~John cornor again~but this time he alive ~not yet die ~
well,it was a great show
After that we went to Just Relax Restoran for our dinner
it cost RM 88.40 . not bad ~haha
It was the time..hehehe
we blast off to xiao bing's house...
go to her house play and celebrated juli's birthday,
watching movie,chit chat and blah blah blah
we sleep at there too ~
we were so noisy at night~
Early in the morning,around 8.30 am ...we all woke up~
Thanks to xiao bing's parents prepared breakfast for us ~
it was so delicious ~hohoho
Then we chit chat again~
watching movie again~ no funny loH~
It was a wonderful day ya ~
I think we all enjoy it ^^

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kem Setengah Hari 2009

TOday was activity of Kem Setengah Hari BPPS 2009
Everytime ,the people who incharge on games are not mature,no experiences
,therefore we as MT have to push them up ~
luckily all under control and everything going smooth ^^
althought I'm a bit angry today,but Sorry ya ^^"
the activities for it such as explorer,treasure hunt~
I not sure with whole games...hohoho
TOday wet wet ~ play water all the time during the activity.
anywhere hope your all enjoy it ^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holiday coming~

Holiday coming ~
hurray ~ ~ ~
Exam ended ~hohoho
Let think some programmes during holiday~
saturday - librarian activity (Kem Setengah Hari BPPS)
sunday - Tuition ,then shopping,play.....
monday - .....
tuesday- ceramah about english..blah blah blah

During exam....whole class still so noisy loh~
Today finish my account exam ~
Yes,finally I can use my time wisely during account exam~
if last year,I totally lost ~cant control my time ~ no time finish ~

Happy Holiday ya ^^

Saturday, May 23, 2009


exam~hard hard hard
one more week to go ~
mosquitoes ~!!!! dont disturb me loH~
I know my blood is fresh~not need always target me as victim~
At school,when free time chit-chat many things
heard many things...
gosip many things
bubbling all the times
all very talkactive ~haha

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time passes really fast

when you close your eye, nothing will see
but you can feel the time passes quickly...
mid year still have two weeks to fight.
I cant admit what is my results at the end
I dont want to think too
If really dont know do,really hard
just can blame my own ~
haiz. ....
Teacher Day will be around the corner
=.= it will bored ~
I have nothing to say ~
why let us to incharge ~ =.=
I dont know whY~
I heard that the new activities organised by xue ji have the new post~
I become vice secretary
Nobody tell me I get this post until the secretary inform me -.-
yo~ Do I really have the look become a secretary~
everytime really like to choose me as that post ~
anywhere I'm glad too ~hohoho

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

around the corner

The exam is around the corner
yet~ I still not yet revision same as my friends too ~hohoho
this few day ,my class really not noiser as usual ~
feel weird ~ but it is normal ...since the mid year is near loH~
mid year mid year ~next week ~.~

My leg ~T.T
have to find something or way to cure it ~
the mosquitoes in school start to attack agaiN~
I become their victim again~
I dont want~ but why keep disturbing me~
Is that my blood so tasty or mosquitoes at school so hungry ~ leg have "bintik-bintik merah" because of mosquitoes =.=
please help me think some way to get away from mosquitoes !!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, May 1, 2009

scabble competition

Date : 2/5/2009
Time : 8.00am until 12.00 noon
venue: SMK Tanah Putih (at class 4M2 )

students who participate at lease got 30 people
This competition divided by two section
under 18 and under 15 ~

I won in first round but lose in second round =.=
competed with english society member was hard to win ~
so I lose ~
well,at lease I learn how to play scabble ~
it look hard to learn,actually it is not ~so try it ya ^^

A new cousin ^^

a baby girl born in 1-5-2009(牛年) at 12.03 am ~
my little cousin,u so cute ^^ heheee

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bye bye Karnival

Firstly,today is my friend's birthday ~happy birthday ya ^^
Secondly today 29 April 2009 ,school had organised "Karnival Pendidikan"
Because this year was the last year I participated in Karnival,
so I didnt absent for school ... Ya,that's mean I'm not play truant...
In the morning,all students reached school like usual,
but none of them wore PBSM uniform~ mostly wore PJ T-shirt.
One of the teacher kept telling us "Pelajar Tingkatan 4 beratur di sana"
Second time again,the teacher was repeated the same sentences again
and the teacher was looking at us again...(the fact is we are not form 4 -.-)...
nevermind lah ,maybe we looked younger than form 4 students ~hahaha ^^
Then I accompany Juli bought the coupons and "kad kokuria"~
wor ~ students could just bought the kad kokuria that costs RM1 only ~
Then Juli and I were started to blast off ~and filled up the activities of "kokuria"....
This time easier than last year and we done it early.
Then we went for the "pameran" and walking around ~
The food and drinks such as nasi lemak,murtabak,abam balik, Kuey Teow,ABC,air mineral,ayam goreng,karipok,makanan ringan ,different type of drink and cenderahati ~
Then we spent all the coupons with bought some food and drink.
Well,actually we are not starving ~but we still ate... hohoho
Actually my plan was after ate then we went for BTV watching movie
unfortunately ,the time was not insisted ,no time watching movie...
Actually it is not really fun and bored...
at lease I had participated this activity for my last year at school
anywhere we were enjoying ^^
And xiao bing,today u are naught oh ~hohoho

Friday, April 24, 2009


This few days my school really become "mosquitoes heaven"
This tittle copy from my friends...hohoho ..because I think it sound nice ~haha
Those mosquitoes kept attacked me and my friends...
our blood sucked by those evil mosquitoes...
make my skin red red ~ =.=
I want to kill those mosquitoes...
But I dont know when it bite me and sucked my blood T.T
After the effect come out,then I know I have been attacked by mosquitoes...
Those mosquitoes word"GANAS" ~
disturbing us few days already ~
On thursday,monitor and bunch of friends went to find principal and complain to him~
When friday,ok~ the attack missions of mosquitoes become less....
Why ark ? I dont know ~
Today meeting about pps ~about the games...
to me ,I had experienced many times~ scared to incharge games...
everytime incharge just make me suffer...but it gave me experienced
That why I want to challenge it ..wakkakaka~
When wednesday and friday ,library organised Hari Buku and talking an opinion about the articles that teacher gave us....
Library divided into 7 parts(library, Bilik SAL, BTV1,BTV 2,BTV 3,BTV4 and Bilik Galeri)...
visit a while then blah blah blah ~
Xiao Bing brought cold water for us plus ice ~
It really make us feel good ..haha ~TQ loh ^^
Then we chit chat with a group
and Xiao Bing decided again ~this time she wants to eat bread =.="
We thought she was just joking...will as you see...
Next monday we really bring all the materials that need to make easy bread breakfast..haha
We just thought our class is the place we are picnic ~hohhoho
cant wait to see it ~

Monday, April 13, 2009

fulll acitivities of april

at thursday(9-4-2009)11.30am,fire training ~
the ring bell very long ~it mean the fire training...
the time no practise any fire training such as how to put off the fire and blah blah blah...
he just explain when people in the building how to escape from the fire ....
such as dont take lift ,escapae by stairs...
dont hide at bathroom ,later the water boiling because of high temperature ...
I forgot already ~just gave us a short speech only.
at saturday(11-4-2009),8.30-10.25am and 11.00am-12.30am
this day is hari ganti for perayaan ...
The school organised gotong-royong and involves most of the students.
Their duties were cleaning,planting ,washing,decorating and so on...
after recess time was cleaning the classes ....
Then we used this opportunity and took some photo while we were cleaned the class for the moral folio ~
well,it is worth...
Monday (13-4-2009) 7.20am until 9.00am
assembly in the morning like usual ~
but this week is known as "minggu anti-dadah"
This programme will be held on monday,tuesday and thursday ~
firsly after the assembly,cikgu razak gave a speech about the effect of drug and some news about the drug.
When the turn of principal to give a short talk ...
Principal was told us about a truth story which relate his neighbour's son who took the drug and blah blah blah ....
activities such as deplomasi sajak, pertandingan melukis poster anti-dadah,ceramah,pameran ~
after that,who can expect what will happen ~
suddenly today spotcheck our bag because want to take away those students who bring the handphone to school...
not ordinary spotcheck, teacher (of course female teacher) checked our body ~
Dont think the wrong direction and wrong concept....
Teacher suspected students will kept the handphone inside the clothes there...
as we know,nowadays stundets really smart for hiding the handphone...
anywhere also can hide it ...hahaha
This incident make us laugh laugh laugh ....
well,I study for this school almost 5 years..this year spotcheck really not ordinary ya ~
well...this is the latest new for this few days ^^
Thanks for the visit ya..hohoho
Discipline teachers and prefects

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm back ~

After a week,finally I recover ~
but this few day will be busy day ~
sport day is coming ~
Montly test 2 also finish already~
luckily until now not yet fail any of the subjects~
But I think my add math will fail again~
well,I put effort on it already ~I think I need to put more ~
This few day chatting with friends at friendster there~
Suddenly so many of my friends chatting with me~
hohoho~have topic to chat ~
Our bio teacher go for bersaliN~
haiz... well, it is true that a teacher has ganti her~
but we are not satisfied with this bio teacher~
He using malay language to teach us ~
He refuse to use english to explain =.=
He does not know that if we heard malayu vision of biology~
Isnt it strange for us to translate =.=
now we are no mood to listen ~
I hope all my friends happy ya ~
dont be sad ,ok ~ ^^

Monday, March 30, 2009



Saturday, March 28, 2009

camp at Taman Pertanian

A camp was organised by school at 27 and 28 march 2009.
Perfects,librarians and monitors class were participated for the camp
This camp named as Kem Kepimpinan Pemimpin Muda .
on 27 march,all the participated students gathered with their big and small bags.
The sky quite dark and was raining ,anywhere it would not stop us for the activities camp...
Ya,when reached there,the rain stop .
Whole together students for this camp was 172 people.
When I saw the timetable,It would be different with the others camp I joined before.
Well ,this is because usually the camp I joined was organised at school ,this time I have the chance to join for the camp at Taman Pertanian.
First activity was "Flying Fox"~
really a suitable name for the activity. We just swing down by the help of rope...hohoho
All of the students could do it well and brave.
I accept the challenge and play this activity..hohoho ....a great experiences
But another groups, the stage more higher than us ,and below it was lake ...
cool ~ unfortunately the time is not enough for us to play all.
second was "Jungle Tracking" activity.
We went in to the forest and actually mostly we step on the water with muds...
The feeling was the shoes became wet and dirty... haha
Inside there have some challenge that need to face...
You have to cross over the bridge which supported by the rope.
Then climbed up of the rope and hold it with the strength of legs...
Then swing to opposite road by rope ....
We were divided into six groups and each group required to think slogans ...blah blah blah
In this activity,all of us cooperate and work it together....
without their help,we could not finish it well .
Oh ya,forget to tell that when we took our lunch...
It was unforgetten events,because we were having our lunch at the middle of road...
The reason was just some of us made noise and causing this punishments...
and the sun is hot hot hot ~
At night,it was about time for the "night walk" acitivity.
It mention night walk and we disallowed to bring our touchlight.
we walk walk and walk ...the sky became darker and darker...
We all silence and could heard the sound of the insects .
Before going to the forest for night walk,we had to remember password and basic things .
The password was "Bunga kembang layu tak" another was when kecemasan berlaku say it" nombor XXX hook hook hook".
Aplogize for the spelling..I was simply spell it ...
On the next day, we had played two games which tested our team work.
"sungai asid" and "Pulau Impian"
one was play crossing a distance without stepping on the grass.
Another was think and write .
monkeys will visit our camp.Luckily the boys came and the monkeys leave.
The comander was called as abah . and he said that he was around 55 above years old and still mantain strong.
Then he said many things and blah blah blah.
He also spoke some chinese words and learnt some words from us...hohoho
This camp end around 1.00 pm and we went home with full of experiences within this two days.

Friday, March 20, 2009

English bad ~

oh ya..this few day some of my friends told me that my english isnt good
aiyO~ u know why ...I hate when heard that~
anywhere that is the truth ~so I accept it ~
besides that,althought u saying my english isnt good,
at lease u tell me how to improve my english ~so TQ ya ^^
I begin to improve my english ~
but I think my bahasa melayu is better than english ~haha
okok ~i will learn it better ya ~
today is my neighbour,aunty's birthday
She be a chief today ~ cooked many delicious malay food
Thanks you and happy birthday aunty..
It tasted delicious ~yummy ^^
So fast wanna reopen school already ~
aiyo~many homework still like a mountain~
hehee....a holiday isnt like a holiday ~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

holiday is not like holiday ~

a week holiday passed just like that
I ever not yet done all the things that I think need to done on this holiday ~
thursday already ~
what I had done ?
a bit loH~
at lease the project that our class organise wan ~
we done it half on tuesday ~
but another half we have do done it on friday ~
look like have to work hard to achieve a good presentation ~
This few day wake up at early of morning 8.30am
aiyoyo~ because of the tuition so wake up early
holiday will end like this ..montly test is around the corner
oh ya ....many homework not yet done.....
haiz . .... .. . . .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

this few day ~

Seeing many people write blog ~ I also write the blog. I
saw some of the blog really funny ~dialog also came out ...
well ,it was normal...everyone has their own style to write blog~
9 march was Azwan birthday ....
I heard that he had celebrated twice ~ cool man~
Then 13 march ,last friday was Shook Peng's birthday ~
sent her happy birthday on time ...
Then when recess time,we were gathering and celebrated her birthday
first wish=undang pass
second wish=straight's A
third wish=private ~cant say out hohoho~
Today I ask her and she was passed the undang ~hurray for her ^^
Last week basketball competition at our school
for team boy get second place, for team girl get first place~
This week is volleyball competition ~
Gambateh ya ^^
Then following weekends is debate competition organised by xue hai at my school~
many activities ya~
I heard teacher said that 31 march -montly test ~
Sport day maybe on 15 april~
Then karnival day on ... forgot already ~
I have tuition at holiday ~
but yet account extra tuition cancel already ~ aiyoyo~
why cancel o.O ...this that loh~ haiz...
seldom hang out with friends already ~aiyoyoo~

Monday, March 9, 2009


Tomorrow is the day for the oral test for BM and BI
Oh my god ~ until now I didnt read it ,revise it back ~
how I wanna answer the questions because both also are NOVEL ~
I'm not that good and hardworking student~
I'm a lazy student...I wouldnt read all the chapter of Novel ~
hohoho~ This is because after read also not understand~
better refer to reference book is much better....
How I wanna ORAL ~
I really scared ~nervous ~
I duno what to do ~
nevermind..later see see then understand a bit
I think can already ~
BI oral about novel of character and blah blah blah
BM oral is presentation about the "konflik watak "
haiz...wish me good luck
Why the subjects have to change because of BC
I mean the timetable for a week ~ because lack of chinese teacher~
Then have to arrange the timetable again ~then we have to write it again~
Not just this ...
Monday,I have to face BM,BI and BC period~
wednesday have to face biology,physics and chemistry subjects~
(If science subjects all are new chapter,how can I understand all in same day)
Then friday have to face those boring subjects such as EST,history and moral subjects
aiyoyo ~the timetable before this is much better than now ~ ><
High school musical song really nice loH~haha
korean and japanese song also nice ^^
of course including chinese song loh ^^
While writing this blog,I'm listening song (high school musical)
Happy Birthday ,azwan ^^

Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm been long time no update my blog
well ~ what can I update now
This few week will be many competition at my school
well,as this week is basketball competition at SMK Tanah Putih,Kuantan.~
my school had fight until the final round~
today 3.00pm ,their match will start
hope they will WIN ~ tanah putih will support our basketball team ~
Next week is volleyball competition ~
What else can I say ~
I just now time really passes fast ~
NOw is the time we have to run and catch the time~
Time would not wait for us neh ~hehee

Friday, February 20, 2009


This few day get some of the montly test paper ~
some are good results,my results have A,B,C,E,E ~
"E" !!! haiz....I dont know how to do mah ~
BC ,so hard ...can pass already good ~
chemistry is paper 2 ... I also dunno mah ~
my add math ~bio ~cant see anymore ....
it sink down to water .... I mean low marks...
Teacher not yet give us ,but I know it gonna be a terrible marks...
Then the next day teacher checked physical problems
especially girl's hair ~
what !!! "Want the hair in front clip it to back,no hair fall down" =.=
stupid ark !!!! It look so ugly ~
If not,teacher will take the photo of ur face and post it at the papan notis...
let all students come and see the face of the students...the student will become "famous" loh
I'm one of the victicm have to clip my hair ~
I got clip...I clip it by side ...
but teacher said "NO,must clip to back ~" -.-
but I didnt get caught for taking picture lah ~hehee
My account book ~borrow someone so long didnt give back me ~
She said wil return my book through my friends...
what !!! until now no news from her and she absent no come to tuition ...
Then my friend how to return my book if u absent to tuition leh ~
U dare to eat my book izit ~ dont want return to me ~ o.O
Last week,teacher give many exercise of account~
U didnt give me back,how I wanna do ~
then u want let me do double time than before(last week + this week exercise) ..
because u borrow my book and no return =.=
I would not borrow u next time ~never !!!
U promise but U didnt done it ~ =.=
well ,when saturday tuition,she totally forgot bring my book ~
hey,irresponsible person ~
anywhere I get my book at last ~
so forgive u ~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

montly test over loh~

wor ~montly test over already~
The questions of the exam quite hard already~
just montly test neh ~
if mid year/spm how o.O ???
For example,Biology questions,add math questions~
my add math fail loh~
I can sense it ~because some I had blanked ~
T.T I really dunno how to do ~
my brain empty that time..cannot calculate the answer T.T
anywhere it is over...gambateh for the coming test loh...
Red House mus win for the sport day ~wakakkaka
Gambateh loh ~ ^^
Today is Mr.Happy Yow's birthday ~
wish u happy birthday ya ^o^

Saturday, February 14, 2009


my stamina really bad loh~
after run back from larian desa~
at night,I have headache ~ stomachache ~
just suddenly pain a bit ~
headache occur on this two days already ~
What happen ya
my body become so painful now ~
Still got few days for the montly test ~
gambateh ~
haiz... ><

Thursday, February 12, 2009

run run run

Larian desa ~
finally finish ~
began at 8.30am ,end at 9.30am
I'm mean the running ~hehee
The weather quite hot ~
run run run ~
I get number 57 ...
almost half of number of 150 ~
At least I get one point for my red house ~
hurray~ my red house get second place for larian desa~
first place-blue house second- red house third- yellow house
fourth - green house~
Then tomorrow is beginning of montly test T.T
haiz ~good luck everyone

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

run run run ~

the montly test is around the corner
well ,today not this point I want to mention about ~
This thursday will be the red house pratice~
well,just running and running only...
teachers say want us to run ,and this is for our own good =.=
Then I have jasmani on morning~
Duty day for librarian on afternoon~
then I need to go for this red house pratice on evening loH~
Then I have tuition at night ~.~
The next day (friday) ,school organise a "larian desa "
After that on saturday (valentine's day) is our montly test
valentine's day cannot let us rest meh ~
after run still need to take montly test =.=
I think it will be an exhausted for the coming day ~
Happy Valentine Day ^o^

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This few day chat with friends again~
oh well,now really seldom online...
and I'm quite sleepy too
hahaha...this is because oh~ wah~
form 5 really many homeworks need to do
and fast fast pass up to teachers
MT and AJK BPPS interview students who like to be a pps ~
well the feeling for interview had came back~
everytime cooperate with different people for interview
really happy ~and funny too~
anywhere I enjoy for the interview section~
can ask ppl questions and so on~
but this year and previous year have much different ~

Sunday, February 1, 2009

~ age ~

wanna reopen schooL~
aiyoyo ~many homeworks not yet finish ~
this few days free and chat with friends ~
some are new friends..chatting chatting ~
oh ya, I found out mostly now they are younger than me loH~
aiyo..chatting with them make me feel young~

form 5 really like old old loH~
I want to be young like "16 years old" ....
a pretty age for teenagers ~hehee
really de..not too old and not too young ~ balance

I really crazy talking about this...
as long as I think I'm young,then I'm young ~hahaha

start reopen school....start busy again ..hohoho

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today get ang pow ~ ^^

then at night,BBQ with my neigbours
aiyo...all are adults loH~
I'm the youngest wan~
well,eat until quite full
Then I drink "Henessy VSOP" with uncle(neighbour)
It is a type of wain ~
more alcohol than red wain too ^^
Now after drinking,then I come back home online~
write blogger,chatting with friends at MSN

Friday, January 23, 2009


Happy Chinese New Year everyone ^^

Gong Xi Fa Cai ^o^

A short holiday for Chinese New Year is coming ~
hope everyone enjoy it ^^

Although is holiday,teachers at school never stop giving us homeworks ~
Look like during holiday,need to do homeworks too ~
play until tired for a few days first ~
then do the homeworks ~haha
During chinese new year,my mum and me have prepare many food ..hohoho
some is make by ourselves oh ~
the taste quite nice ^^

Wish your all enjoy Chinese New Year loh ^^

Monday, January 19, 2009

One day KL Trip~

yesterday(Sunday), xueji group went for KL Trip~
We wake up early early early in the morning and gather at Xing Chew Office there around 3.30am~
very early in the morning ~ and the weather was getting cold ...
We went there by bus ~
for reach temerloh to fetch a punch of xue ji around 2 hours...
then go for KL from temerloh around 2 hours more ~
we sat at the bus at least 5 hours ~
around 9.00am,we reach KL ~hurray ~
we went for a Restoran and take our breakfast ~
RM 4.00 per plate ~ =.=
Then we went for the main centre of Xing Chew Office ~
It is really huge ~main centre is the place when the newspaper production ...
and the place where they arrange the staff of news ~
at there ,we were excited that can met Selangor xue ji ~
around 90 + of the Selangor xue ji came here for visit the main centre of Xing Chew Office...
well, we were communicated with each other...
They really good of asking questions ~
The way of xue ji for the Selangor and us have differences~
hehee...anywhere we managed to take some pictures with them ^^
Moreover,It was the time for us to leave and steps to activity ...
we went for Time Square ,but it seem we were faced the traffic jam around 1 and half hours ...
the time we waited were so slow ~
at there ,8tv of the staffs were at the stage of Time Square...
Gary ,xin yi and others were there ~
When we at the bus ,there were some funny part happened ~
well,we had some great time at the bus there ~
After shopping,it was the time for us to go back ~
Then we had our dinner at a Restoran at Karak ~
around 12.30 midnight,we reached Kuantan ~
=.= tired ...
I went home around 1.00am ~
and slept on 2.oo am
today during the school priod ~ I'm felt so sleepy~ zzzzZZZZ

Thursday, January 8, 2009


一直换天 =.=
烦到 ~.~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

开学咯~ 一样没变~

是traffic jam ~
那谁来教我们??? o.O
我们班就是酱啦,既是去bio lab,physic lab,我们坐的也是和去年一样。。。
其他班看到我们也说,我班的位子没变哦。。。 ^^
我们班就是酱 ^^

Saturday, January 3, 2009

雨天+ 心情


Friday, January 2, 2009

eat eat again~

This few day raining all the day ~
just now I went to happy's house ...
oh ya,there have a buffer for relativies and friends ...
me,mum and grandma go there as friends...
it is for celebrate happy's relativies marriage ...
there are a lot of food and dishes for us to eat ...
my stomach started growling and we started eating...
there got satey, ABC (ais kacang),drinks and so on ...
wah~ I can eat ABC...hehee
and I had take some food too stomatch was fulled of food ...
well,I think I eat too much too... hehee ^^
my grandma promise that will sponser ROJAK ~
so we go there when evening and help to make the rojak ...
yo..I dont like to eat rojak...
but I help to do it ..and this is my third time doing this ROJAK loh ~
haha ...
Tomorrow is the day for form 5 students take their teks books ~
wor~have to wake up early and gather there at 8.30 am
so early ... cant watch tv loh ~ ><

Thursday, January 1, 2009

~A new year ~

Just begin with the first day of 2009
just a normal day like usual
eat,watching tv and sleep ~
well,just now online chat with new friends...
usually if I meet new friends especially from different country...
I will talkactive..but now since like I dont know wanna chat what...
haiz...anywhere,nice meeting people from different places...
but some just dont wan tell who is their real face and show those artis's face...
make me confuse ~
Last year at smk tanah putih...
must appreciated the time together with friends at school ~
yo...must have many happy moments on this year ..hehee ^^
oh well...really wanna start reopen school
wanna face exam... wanna face many things...
and and many things not yet done...
oh dear...pengsan loh ~
ya, GAMBATEH,callie !!! ^^