Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bye bye Karnival

Firstly,today is my friend's birthday ~happy birthday ya ^^
Secondly today 29 April 2009 ,school had organised "Karnival Pendidikan"
Because this year was the last year I participated in Karnival,
so I didnt absent for school ... Ya,that's mean I'm not play truant...
In the morning,all students reached school like usual,
but none of them wore PBSM uniform~ mostly wore PJ T-shirt.
One of the teacher kept telling us "Pelajar Tingkatan 4 beratur di sana"
Second time again,the teacher was repeated the same sentences again
and the teacher was looking at us again...(the fact is we are not form 4 -.-)...
nevermind lah ,maybe we looked younger than form 4 students ~hahaha ^^
Then I accompany Juli bought the coupons and "kad kokuria"~
wor ~ students could just bought the kad kokuria that costs RM1 only ~
Then Juli and I were started to blast off ~and filled up the activities of "kokuria"....
This time easier than last year and we done it early.
Then we went for the "pameran" and walking around ~
The food and drinks such as nasi lemak,murtabak,abam balik, Kuey Teow,ABC,air mineral,ayam goreng,karipok,makanan ringan ,different type of drink and cenderahati ~
Then we spent all the coupons with bought some food and drink.
Well,actually we are not starving ~but we still ate... hohoho
Actually my plan was after ate then we went for BTV watching movie
unfortunately ,the time was not insisted ,no time watching movie...
Actually it is not really fun and bored...
at lease I had participated this activity for my last year at school
anywhere we were enjoying ^^
And xiao bing,today u are naught oh ~hohoho

Friday, April 24, 2009


This few days my school really become "mosquitoes heaven"
This tittle copy from my friends...hohoho ..because I think it sound nice ~haha
Those mosquitoes kept attacked me and my friends...
our blood sucked by those evil mosquitoes...
make my skin red red ~ =.=
I want to kill those mosquitoes...
But I dont know when it bite me and sucked my blood T.T
After the effect come out,then I know I have been attacked by mosquitoes...
Those mosquitoes word"GANAS" ~
disturbing us few days already ~
On thursday,monitor and bunch of friends went to find principal and complain to him~
When friday,ok~ the attack missions of mosquitoes become less....
Why ark ? I dont know ~
Today meeting about pps ~about the games...
to me ,I had experienced many times~ scared to incharge games...
everytime incharge just make me suffer...but it gave me experienced
That why I want to challenge it ..wakkakaka~
When wednesday and friday ,library organised Hari Buku and talking an opinion about the articles that teacher gave us....
Library divided into 7 parts(library, Bilik SAL, BTV1,BTV 2,BTV 3,BTV4 and Bilik Galeri)...
visit a while then blah blah blah ~
Xiao Bing brought cold water for us plus ice ~
It really make us feel good ..haha ~TQ loh ^^
Then we chit chat with a group
and Xiao Bing decided again ~this time she wants to eat bread =.="
We thought she was just joking...will as you see...
Next monday we really bring all the materials that need to make easy bread breakfast..haha
We just thought our class is the place we are picnic ~hohhoho
cant wait to see it ~

Monday, April 13, 2009

fulll acitivities of april

at thursday(9-4-2009)11.30am,fire training ~
the ring bell very long ~it mean the fire training...
the time no practise any fire training such as how to put off the fire and blah blah blah...
he just explain when people in the building how to escape from the fire ....
such as dont take lift ,escapae by stairs...
dont hide at bathroom ,later the water boiling because of high temperature ...
I forgot already ~just gave us a short speech only.
at saturday(11-4-2009),8.30-10.25am and 11.00am-12.30am
this day is hari ganti for perayaan ...
The school organised gotong-royong and involves most of the students.
Their duties were cleaning,planting ,washing,decorating and so on...
after recess time was cleaning the classes ....
Then we used this opportunity and took some photo while we were cleaned the class for the moral folio ~
well,it is worth...
Monday (13-4-2009) 7.20am until 9.00am
assembly in the morning like usual ~
but this week is known as "minggu anti-dadah"
This programme will be held on monday,tuesday and thursday ~
firsly after the assembly,cikgu razak gave a speech about the effect of drug and some news about the drug.
When the turn of principal to give a short talk ...
Principal was told us about a truth story which relate his neighbour's son who took the drug and blah blah blah ....
activities such as deplomasi sajak, pertandingan melukis poster anti-dadah,ceramah,pameran ~
after that,who can expect what will happen ~
suddenly today spotcheck our bag because want to take away those students who bring the handphone to school...
not ordinary spotcheck, teacher (of course female teacher) checked our body ~
Dont think the wrong direction and wrong concept....
Teacher suspected students will kept the handphone inside the clothes there...
as we know,nowadays stundets really smart for hiding the handphone...
anywhere also can hide it ...hahaha
This incident make us laugh laugh laugh ....
well,I study for this school almost 5 years..this year spotcheck really not ordinary ya ~
well...this is the latest new for this few days ^^
Thanks for the visit ya..hohoho
Discipline teachers and prefects

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm back ~

After a week,finally I recover ~
but this few day will be busy day ~
sport day is coming ~
Montly test 2 also finish already~
luckily until now not yet fail any of the subjects~
But I think my add math will fail again~
well,I put effort on it already ~I think I need to put more ~
This few day chatting with friends at friendster there~
Suddenly so many of my friends chatting with me~
hohoho~have topic to chat ~
Our bio teacher go for bersaliN~
haiz... well, it is true that a teacher has ganti her~
but we are not satisfied with this bio teacher~
He using malay language to teach us ~
He refuse to use english to explain =.=
He does not know that if we heard malayu vision of biology~
Isnt it strange for us to translate =.=
now we are no mood to listen ~
I hope all my friends happy ya ~
dont be sad ,ok ~ ^^