Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time passes really fast

when you close your eye, nothing will see
but you can feel the time passes quickly...
mid year still have two weeks to fight.
I cant admit what is my results at the end
I dont want to think too
If really dont know do,really hard
just can blame my own ~
haiz. ....
Teacher Day will be around the corner
=.= it will bored ~
I have nothing to say ~
why let us to incharge ~ =.=
I dont know whY~
I heard that the new activities organised by xue ji have the new post~
I become vice secretary
Nobody tell me I get this post until the secretary inform me -.-
yo~ Do I really have the look become a secretary~
everytime really like to choose me as that post ~
anywhere I'm glad too ~hohoho

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