Thursday, July 26, 2012


26/7/2012 Thursday

Damn it !
My eyes very itchy...
Start itchy from left side to right side eyes @.@
Swollen from left and recover continue with the right eyes ...
I felt like don't want to work tomorrow.

Recently my decision making always float and Contradiction ...
I have lack of my confidence.
Where should I find back my courage ?
What road should I take ?
Many people ask me and I ask myself again and again ...


Monday, July 16, 2012

17/7/2012 Tuesday

Today have a time to joint down my writing at this silent, lonely blog.
People always wondering what's are you so busy with ?
Graduated? Working ? at KL study ? not going continue studying ?

I'm become less social with my friends.
Less updated my facebook.
Less people know my current location.
My meeting with friends always in the wrong time.
But I believe once we meet, we will talking non-stop.

Stress always following someone.
Once I talk, I have to talk carefully.
Once I silent, there's something wrong with me.
Once I cry, who knows?

My principle ,my confident I will hold you in my hand.
Don't worry ^_^

Talked about my trip to Phuket,Thailand.
It's awesome since I got the chance to play the Bungy Jumped that I wished to play with.
It's a challenge and I didn't feel scare to step it out and jumped ~ >.<
and wore bikini to play it =.=
Once I jumped,there's no stress at all ! All my stress disappear~

Everything got a first time. ^_^
Thank to all my friends that support me.
Thank you to your all ^_^