Friday, November 29, 2013

坚强 Be Strong , Smile is the best mask ^^

29/11/2013 Friday

For all these few month, what I had been go through once again I being bullied and abandoned .
I have a good personality that make people jealous of me ?
Please have a respectful personality , but not that kind of rude attitude toward people.
Ego, bad temperature, easy jealous,irrespective of yours ! Bad Attitudes only will destroy yourself !

However, I know that's not reason for me to anxious for her.
These small matters of her is just because she unsatisfied for unknown reason towards me =.=
Once again, from primary school, secondary school, college life, working life...
For all these years, those people who hate me still surrounding me.

Is this challenges that the God would like to test the independent girl like me ?
I accepted your challenges, however I won't get lose easily and being a smart girl , win is no important, but the way you treat people with your heart.

By the way, I'm officially survived working at this hotel for a year ~
I'm officially graduated as beautician consultant which include knowledgeable in beauty and health.

My experience included  :
1. Sales & Marketing Executive
2. Beautician
3. Nutritionist
4. Freelance Reporter 
5. Beauty Consultant

Smile is the best mask to make people being confident for you.
Although perhaps behind the mask of the smile is the bitter of tears

You are a independent girl ! Be Strong, Callie !
Your mummy  are proud of your.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Sg Lembing Half day Trip

10/8/2013 Saturday

Within these few days , lots of things happen ~
Working non-stop from daylight to daynight...
it's tiring but what to do when  you are lack of staffs >.<
My body are weak and my health isn't good like it use to be.
Luckily I have holiday during raya~
But the times passed so fast T.T
I wish all muslims "Selamat Hari raya"

I felt very happy again as 9/8/2013 (Friday)
I dyed my hair become brownish red red ~love it so much ~.~

8/8/2013 Thursday
Had a whole day
Joyful life and we started our journey on early in morning 6:30am till 10:30pm
Reached Sg Lembing on 7:30pm for having our breakfast, walked around the bridge, snap photo like usual.
During our lunch time at Restaurant Dong Seoul, guest what ~
The car wasn't work at all, blank out >.< no battery ~
OMG! First time traveled with friends and we faced this kind of problem =.="
When we decided to go Cherating for our second plan, it's started raining.
Speechless and at the end we went to sing karaoke.
out with my girls~ Juli,li chien, pei wen, wen shing, yen ping,ya hui~


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blood Donation

30/6/2013 Sunday

Yesterday 29/6/2013 ( Saturday )
I went to work like usual, assist the participants for "Blood Donation Campaign"
I went to donate my blood as well, as my blood is "O" and I have very thin and baby blood vessels.
My baby vessels swollen a bit like usual once after I finished donate the blood.
and I only got 330cc , better than nothing.

The total participants for yesterday was great, 86 participants joined us for blood donation.
Great response for the first time held at Rocana Hotel Kuantan.

I went to check G Health for capillary cells, and guest's what.
They said me my brain isn't good due to the capillary isn't straight but curve, I was like =.="
I thought that I got kind of disease or mental problem . >.<
They explained it's may due to I never sleep soundly during sleeping mode .
My intestine isn't good as well as I may get gastric
My lung isn't good as well as I get tired easily
but luckily I didn't have toxic in my body . Good sign ^_^
This sounds like I'm like a weak person T.T

I need holiday !!!! Then I can get some rest :P


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


5/6/2013 Wednesday

Some people said that 'working is never end , enjoy the study first'
However, in my opinion you may working while studying as well.
Learn when you are in working environment, you can study many aspects different from the book that we studying.
Experience is the precious treasure that need explorer, aggressive and passion of working attitude.
It can build up social relationship with business people, but cover most of the industries.

Appreciate that I started working early to let go me lean lots of things.
Now have to recharge energy and fighting for future.
Gambateh , Callie ! ^o^


Sunday, April 21, 2013

April April

21/4/2013 Sunday

I used to sit at my laptop and write blogger with all the daily life I had been go through.
However, recently keep working hard stayback at my hotel until late  night do to my job,
I had put aside my lover blog ...
Satisfied with the backdrop I designed for the guests, satisfied with guests that have a pleasant stay and function at my place.
I feel great with it ^_^

Now I wondering do I need to continue to study my degree ?
It's worthy to study degree ?
Sometimes, I say 'yes' , sometimes I say ' No' ~
Yes, the main problem is the finance problem~
That's the biggest burden that I facing right now

No matter what's the barriers I facing right now,
When there's a will, there's a way
Believe in yourself
A lots of challenge still waiting for you


Saturday, March 23, 2013


Saturday 23 March 2013

Today have lots of events.
Earth Hour , Jackie Chan, Pekan Fair, Zenith's fair and Jins Low's open house ~.~
Can I just stay at home during this hour @.@
This time working more than 3 months already ~
The weather is just damn too hot
I was sleepy all the time zzZZz
Why ~.~
feel like lazy working ....Can I be lazy girl ?
Now people praise me Mature ~ is that a good news ?

Saturday 9 March 2013
On 9 March, Jins propose to me with rose flowers in public on his birthday celebration to be his lover.
Second time got this big surprise (Although knew it before the day come)
so now I'm not single =.=


Monday, February 18, 2013

Chinese New Year

18 Feb 2013 ( Monday)

Chinese New Year, just spend time with my family and relatives.
Simple Chinese new year celebrate with bunch of good friends.
No family photo again ~.~
All my little cousins were played around until I also forgot to take family photo >.<
Once finish 3 days holiday for Chinese New Year
Faced hush time during work, everything going smooth at the end.
Grateful people helped and thank for the praise of the function I handled.
I must accept the challenges and gain experience only I will grow up faster.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February -CNY

6 February 2013 (Wednesday)

Year 2013 , it's passed so fast...
recently busy with my work.
no time for me to rest.
Think of future, think of love
think of work, think of friends
Think but no action is done
Getting fatter and fatter...
Lots of people said me fatty again~
my face and body shape change according season ~
Do you believe that ?
Working so hard until others people work also push to me to handle it >.<
Tiring and work more than the actual working hours
This is the life >.<   I have to come out of something soonest


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dye Hair Day

16/1/2013 Wednesday

Today Hair cut + Dye dark brownish red with my mummy and take care of my little baby cousin at the saloon there~
Lazy to dye by ourselves, therefore we decided hair colors at saloon.
I didn't take good care for my skin again >.<
getting fatter again...
*Actually I would like to dye my hair become brownish red red ~
however once I consider my company's image that indirectly no encourage dye too light colors ...
I dye dark brownish red >.<


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brand New Year 2013

2/1/2013 Wednesday
Nothing special except keep working ~.~
After worked, take care of my little baby cousin~
Finally will be attend my graduation convocation at KL~
although a bit expensive, however it's my graduation~
I had been start working since I'm graduated..but actual job start on sept 2012 until dec 2012 ~
4 months experience in hotel line ~ not bad ^_^
I know on a brand new year 2013, we have to move forward to achieve goals
During 2012, I had been experienced lots of first time challenge..awesome years ^^
Hope this year will be more better than last year.

1/1/2012 Tuesday
Happy hang out with college friends.
Now I'm start with 21 years old...I think will start seeing people getting married >.<

31/12/2012 Monday
On this moment, I had to worked until night shift.
However, on that day my New Year countdown was celebrated with my primary school friends~
It's friends that we never knew and never meet when we were in primary school.
However, due to gathering of primary friends, we know each other and become friends and crazy together ~
That's the happy moments when you know new friends (primary school friend)
Until 3:30 am early middle of night only went home ~.~

On 24/12/2012 Monday
Monday again ~and countdown for Christmas at Phat Barrel.
Meet my new friends from primary school.
On that day, my working place was flooded...
Damn..luckily my car was survived during the flooded ~