Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today watched movie with wen,chien,juli at ecm
actually they wanna watch 3D avatar but full of people already
got place to sit but too in front
then change plan watch AVATAR movie without 3D
but quite nice
four of us first time watch at there
and we totally freezing inside too
wen said that we sit under the air-cond
that's why so cold
haha..2 hours 45 min
that movie quite long
if watch with 3D,how will it be ?
I dont know
First group of PLKN coming soon
oh,wish all the best for my friends in first group^^
yaya,I not selected to join PLKN T.T

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


2010 is near
2009 just left 2 days
hohoho~Happy New year
I miss all my friends no matter where they are now
miss your all ^^

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~after exam~

I had been long time did not updated my blog~
First,the SPM was over ~
but after SPM need to plan a lot of things
Continue study or play ?
HAiz...the time is limit ~what should I do ?
For me,SPM quite difficult~
I hope the result will be good ~
Last few weeks,
my grandma had operated her both legs
luckily all going smoothly ,now my grandma stayed at my house for rest ~
When this problem had settled,another problem would appear again~
It just keep going and nobody know what will happen next...
nobody know when it will be end ~
During 11/12/2009 was my friend,pei wen's birthday~
We were planned to go for her house celebrated her birthday
Maybe not too surprise ~because She know what was the purpose we went for her house...
anywhere we did celebrated her birthday ya ^^
During 15/12/2009 ,the event was :
Amazing Race

This was the first time ktn xue ji organised amazing race
the journey started from Taman Gelora to Taman Teruntum to Teluk Chempedak
Firstly I'm very sorry for not helping a lot
But 21th xue ji,especially incharge for the games,president,secretary
Your all had done the best ~
Your hard work we very appreciated~
but finally this activity ended smoothly~
18-20 december ,the 22th xue ji camp at Dungun,Terengganu
hoho~need to blast off again~