Friday, February 20, 2009


This few day get some of the montly test paper ~
some are good results,my results have A,B,C,E,E ~
"E" !!! haiz....I dont know how to do mah ~
BC ,so hard ...can pass already good ~
chemistry is paper 2 ... I also dunno mah ~
my add math ~bio ~cant see anymore ....
it sink down to water .... I mean low marks...
Teacher not yet give us ,but I know it gonna be a terrible marks...
Then the next day teacher checked physical problems
especially girl's hair ~
what !!! "Want the hair in front clip it to back,no hair fall down" =.=
stupid ark !!!! It look so ugly ~
If not,teacher will take the photo of ur face and post it at the papan notis...
let all students come and see the face of the students...the student will become "famous" loh
I'm one of the victicm have to clip my hair ~
I got clip...I clip it by side ...
but teacher said "NO,must clip to back ~" -.-
but I didnt get caught for taking picture lah ~hehee
My account book ~borrow someone so long didnt give back me ~
She said wil return my book through my friends...
what !!! until now no news from her and she absent no come to tuition ...
Then my friend how to return my book if u absent to tuition leh ~
U dare to eat my book izit ~ dont want return to me ~ o.O
Last week,teacher give many exercise of account~
U didnt give me back,how I wanna do ~
then u want let me do double time than before(last week + this week exercise) ..
because u borrow my book and no return =.=
I would not borrow u next time ~never !!!
U promise but U didnt done it ~ =.=
well ,when saturday tuition,she totally forgot bring my book ~
hey,irresponsible person ~
anywhere I get my book at last ~
so forgive u ~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

montly test over loh~

wor ~montly test over already~
The questions of the exam quite hard already~
just montly test neh ~
if mid year/spm how o.O ???
For example,Biology questions,add math questions~
my add math fail loh~
I can sense it ~because some I had blanked ~
T.T I really dunno how to do ~
my brain empty that time..cannot calculate the answer T.T
anywhere it is over...gambateh for the coming test loh...
Red House mus win for the sport day ~wakakkaka
Gambateh loh ~ ^^
Today is Mr.Happy Yow's birthday ~
wish u happy birthday ya ^o^

Saturday, February 14, 2009


my stamina really bad loh~
after run back from larian desa~
at night,I have headache ~ stomachache ~
just suddenly pain a bit ~
headache occur on this two days already ~
What happen ya
my body become so painful now ~
Still got few days for the montly test ~
gambateh ~
haiz... ><

Thursday, February 12, 2009

run run run

Larian desa ~
finally finish ~
began at 8.30am ,end at 9.30am
I'm mean the running ~hehee
The weather quite hot ~
run run run ~
I get number 57 ...
almost half of number of 150 ~
At least I get one point for my red house ~
hurray~ my red house get second place for larian desa~
first place-blue house second- red house third- yellow house
fourth - green house~
Then tomorrow is beginning of montly test T.T
haiz ~good luck everyone

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

run run run ~

the montly test is around the corner
well ,today not this point I want to mention about ~
This thursday will be the red house pratice~
well,just running and running only...
teachers say want us to run ,and this is for our own good =.=
Then I have jasmani on morning~
Duty day for librarian on afternoon~
then I need to go for this red house pratice on evening loH~
Then I have tuition at night ~.~
The next day (friday) ,school organise a "larian desa "
After that on saturday (valentine's day) is our montly test
valentine's day cannot let us rest meh ~
after run still need to take montly test =.=
I think it will be an exhausted for the coming day ~
Happy Valentine Day ^o^

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This few day chat with friends again~
oh well,now really seldom online...
and I'm quite sleepy too
hahaha...this is because oh~ wah~
form 5 really many homeworks need to do
and fast fast pass up to teachers
MT and AJK BPPS interview students who like to be a pps ~
well the feeling for interview had came back~
everytime cooperate with different people for interview
really happy ~and funny too~
anywhere I enjoy for the interview section~
can ask ppl questions and so on~
but this year and previous year have much different ~

Sunday, February 1, 2009

~ age ~

wanna reopen schooL~
aiyoyo ~many homeworks not yet finish ~
this few days free and chat with friends ~
some are new friends..chatting chatting ~
oh ya, I found out mostly now they are younger than me loH~
aiyo..chatting with them make me feel young~

form 5 really like old old loH~
I want to be young like "16 years old" ....
a pretty age for teenagers ~hehee
really de..not too old and not too young ~ balance

I really crazy talking about this...
as long as I think I'm young,then I'm young ~hahaha

start reopen school....start busy again ..hohoho