Monday, July 12, 2010

T.T bad luck

Half year of 2010,
first semester my printer new color ink got problem, needed to buy a new color ink and it was very expensive >< ...When I found the ink ,mostly said that no stock for the ink... ><
Then my handphone dropped into water and sinked.
What can I say ? That time was urgent...
Because I needed to wait for a call by aunty which told me when was my car license exam...Luckily I borrowed my mum's handphone,I managed to get call from aunty and knew my exam date... Then immediately bought a RM 180 cheap cheap Handphone...
Now was my second semester,what would happen next ?
My desktop computer became sick and could not open ...
This made me so depressed which my assignment not yet done..
and urgent required a computer to do
but I had to study and time for me to buy...
Last friday, I cannot delay anymore...
I directly sent my desktop to repair and bought a new notebook
I know that my desktop hard to being save T.T
It was more guarantee if bought a new wan...
since the desktop damaged twice already
Now I using notebook to do assignment...
Barriers always come and things always broken when I need it in urgent ><
However, I know I can be handle it well and face all the challenges and barriers will not stop my way ...^^