Sunday, May 31, 2009


Happy Birthday, Juli ^o^

Yesterday(Sunday) is my friend's birthday~
after we had finished our tuition ,we began our journey ~
firstly,we walk within 25 min to the east coast mall
after we took lunch there (costs RM 94.50)~something like that
then we walk within 20 min to megamall~
what a long journey ya ~
Xiao Bing quite late that day ~almost 3.00pm she arrived =.=
we took our heavy bag from another destination to another~
You know,is tired?
When we were walking around at the megamall,
we met many friends ya ~
Then watched "terminator salvation" (Spelling wrong,sorry ya~I not sure)
quite nice ~John cornor again~but this time he alive ~not yet die ~
well,it was a great show
After that we went to Just Relax Restoran for our dinner
it cost RM 88.40 . not bad ~haha
It was the time..hehehe
we blast off to xiao bing's house...
go to her house play and celebrated juli's birthday,
watching movie,chit chat and blah blah blah
we sleep at there too ~
we were so noisy at night~
Early in the morning,around 8.30 am ...we all woke up~
Thanks to xiao bing's parents prepared breakfast for us ~
it was so delicious ~hohoho
Then we chit chat again~
watching movie again~ no funny loH~
It was a wonderful day ya ~
I think we all enjoy it ^^

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kem Setengah Hari 2009

TOday was activity of Kem Setengah Hari BPPS 2009
Everytime ,the people who incharge on games are not mature,no experiences
,therefore we as MT have to push them up ~
luckily all under control and everything going smooth ^^
althought I'm a bit angry today,but Sorry ya ^^"
the activities for it such as explorer,treasure hunt~
I not sure with whole games...hohoho
TOday wet wet ~ play water all the time during the activity.
anywhere hope your all enjoy it ^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holiday coming~

Holiday coming ~
hurray ~ ~ ~
Exam ended ~hohoho
Let think some programmes during holiday~
saturday - librarian activity (Kem Setengah Hari BPPS)
sunday - Tuition ,then shopping,play.....
monday - .....
tuesday- ceramah about english..blah blah blah

During exam....whole class still so noisy loh~
Today finish my account exam ~
Yes,finally I can use my time wisely during account exam~
if last year,I totally lost ~cant control my time ~ no time finish ~

Happy Holiday ya ^^

Saturday, May 23, 2009


exam~hard hard hard
one more week to go ~
mosquitoes ~!!!! dont disturb me loH~
I know my blood is fresh~not need always target me as victim~
At school,when free time chit-chat many things
heard many things...
gosip many things
bubbling all the times
all very talkactive ~haha

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time passes really fast

when you close your eye, nothing will see
but you can feel the time passes quickly...
mid year still have two weeks to fight.
I cant admit what is my results at the end
I dont want to think too
If really dont know do,really hard
just can blame my own ~
haiz. ....
Teacher Day will be around the corner
=.= it will bored ~
I have nothing to say ~
why let us to incharge ~ =.=
I dont know whY~
I heard that the new activities organised by xue ji have the new post~
I become vice secretary
Nobody tell me I get this post until the secretary inform me -.-
yo~ Do I really have the look become a secretary~
everytime really like to choose me as that post ~
anywhere I'm glad too ~hohoho

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

around the corner

The exam is around the corner
yet~ I still not yet revision same as my friends too ~hohoho
this few day ,my class really not noiser as usual ~
feel weird ~ but it is normal ...since the mid year is near loH~
mid year mid year ~next week ~.~

My leg ~T.T
have to find something or way to cure it ~
the mosquitoes in school start to attack agaiN~
I become their victim again~
I dont want~ but why keep disturbing me~
Is that my blood so tasty or mosquitoes at school so hungry ~ leg have "bintik-bintik merah" because of mosquitoes =.=
please help me think some way to get away from mosquitoes !!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, May 1, 2009

scabble competition

Date : 2/5/2009
Time : 8.00am until 12.00 noon
venue: SMK Tanah Putih (at class 4M2 )

students who participate at lease got 30 people
This competition divided by two section
under 18 and under 15 ~

I won in first round but lose in second round =.=
competed with english society member was hard to win ~
so I lose ~
well,at lease I learn how to play scabble ~
it look hard to learn,actually it is not ~so try it ya ^^

A new cousin ^^

a baby girl born in 1-5-2009(牛年) at 12.03 am ~
my little cousin,u so cute ^^ heheee