Wednesday, October 27, 2010


16/10/10 (sat) -celebrated my birthday with secondary school's friends ^^
BBQ and had a surprise for me ~
gave me a nice present

20/10/10 (wed)-celebrated my birthday with college's friends~
although all are early celebration but I was happy too.
at friend's house drink until face become red....
yo~took some pic as memories too

23/10/10 (Sat)
My close friends celebrated my birthday early...what to do ?
hehee...I sure got a plan too
Hang out whole day at ecm~
Thanks for my friends paid for my expenses today~
First time watched 3D~
It was so tiring holding the 3D spec since I had short-sightness and wore a spec~
my friends suggested me to wear contact lens~
aiyo~I scared to wear contact lens ~

Sunday, October 17, 2010


16/10/2010 (Saturday)
8pm started our BBQ section~
but we set up the fire for BBQ almost 40 min~
After that we started to BBQ loh
7 of us~but 6 of us come~ yen ping still stuck in perak ~haha
They gave me a surprise and celebrate my birthday early...
they scare me got function and they have exam too~
I appreciate what your guys did ~
Thanks a lot ~ ^^
we almost ate until 1.00 am ~
chien so nice...fetch us home~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

OB Night 2010

Long time no update again~
OB night for my school finally ended smoothly...
It was fun to dance with bunch of my friends...
It gave a memorable memories for that OB night~
It was awesome that we got the Best Performances among all the performances by others.
It quite sad to farewell with one of my lecturer who leave the college today.
It great to yamcha with seniors...they are totally funny person.
Rushing assignment...need to pass up soon~will update when got time ~