Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blood Donation

30/6/2013 Sunday

Yesterday 29/6/2013 ( Saturday )
I went to work like usual, assist the participants for "Blood Donation Campaign"
I went to donate my blood as well, as my blood is "O" and I have very thin and baby blood vessels.
My baby vessels swollen a bit like usual once after I finished donate the blood.
and I only got 330cc , better than nothing.

The total participants for yesterday was great, 86 participants joined us for blood donation.
Great response for the first time held at Rocana Hotel Kuantan.

I went to check G Health for capillary cells, and guest's what.
They said me my brain isn't good due to the capillary isn't straight but curve, I was like =.="
I thought that I got kind of disease or mental problem . >.<
They explained it's may due to I never sleep soundly during sleeping mode .
My intestine isn't good as well as I may get gastric
My lung isn't good as well as I get tired easily
but luckily I didn't have toxic in my body . Good sign ^_^
This sounds like I'm like a weak person T.T

I need holiday !!!! Then I can get some rest :P


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


5/6/2013 Wednesday

Some people said that 'working is never end , enjoy the study first'
However, in my opinion you may working while studying as well.
Learn when you are in working environment, you can study many aspects different from the book that we studying.
Experience is the precious treasure that need explorer, aggressive and passion of working attitude.
It can build up social relationship with business people, but cover most of the industries.

Appreciate that I started working early to let go me lean lots of things.
Now have to recharge energy and fighting for future.
Gambateh , Callie ! ^o^