Sunday, September 27, 2009

A week holiday

I have to say bye bye to my holiday ~
tomorrow is school reopen loh~ least I get enough rest for the holiday
sleep late and wake up late ~hehee
but 8.00am wake up,is this count as wake up late ?
I dont know~
Yesterday chat with my friend
and ask me what no blogging for so long
oh ya,some of the incident is not suitable for express it
It will make the things become worse
by the way,it is not too bad using english to write izit~
although I know my spelling and my language quite poor
I try my best ya
because if I use chinese to write...I will write quite long and use longer time to finish it ~
but I want to write it faster~
ABC is much easier..hehee
Start holiday ,I just went for my friend's house and play water on the next day
until now,my skin still dark dark ~
this is the fact after playing water under sunshine
Nothing special just stay at home few day online and watching tv ~
although some of the movie not attractive =.=
but for me still long as the tv is on and I can online
Sometimes I think I really stupid ~
haiz... oh well,what can I ask ~blah blah blah
I cant write my blog just like previous year~
my mum get same present for her birthday
two bottles of red wine ~
my brother and I gave the red wine for my mum,
and another wan was giving by my neighbour~
One month to go ~special day for me and nightmare is coming~
Not expect anything,kinda no mood to think about it
sometimes it quite disappointed...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hang out with friends-part 2

Last night,totally 5 people stay at's house
After the party,we ate a lot of food ...
then we watch Final Destination 4 ~
Oh~quite ok loH ~not scarely at all
The next day,
we went to Gambang Water Park~
we sat at yuri's car and blast off
When reached there,saw some of school's friend there...
then play water full day ~
adult price costs RM 20 ~ wor~
If just kids,only costs RM 13...
We played the water park of adult and kids
haha...we still young~ so we played both~
and many many interesting events happen~
now skin become darker ~
tired ~totally tired ~ ~ ~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hang out with friends

My friends and I hang out together
firstly ,I'm the first person who arrive ~
I want to buy wine as my mum's present ~
hohoho~of course That was a gift from my brother and I ...~
use our own money to buy it ~hehee
Then we had watched "Tsunami" korean vesion
There wrote that "you only have 10 minutes to save the one you love"
something like that I guess...
Tsunami destroyed korea city ~
One part of the movie really funny
A guy escaped from danger ~and many times almost killed him~
He sure was a lucky guy~he was escaped from all this danger
Then we were thinking and thinking
discuss and discuss ~Dont know want to give what to's sis
finally we all decided bought this and that~hoho
Later at night,we will going to her sis's party ~
Then the next day we have our activity to follow~
Selamat Hari Raya ya,everyone ^^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holiday ~one week~

one week holiday arrive ~
oh well,just finish trial exam
really difficult ~
or to me ~really really difficult
hope can pass all subjects
I really not confident with this trial
Really tired ~ ~
leak of sleeping ~
panda's eye appear again
Thanks for the friends who cares about me ~
Arigato Gozaimasu ~
Long time no write blog ~
Oh well,I had outdate for the animes and chinese song
My high score at facebook for the word challenge and typing maniac had dropped
Leak of communication will cause a lot of things happen
so this is what happen this few day my family and I ~
many things affected it ~
oh well,if talk will hurt someone,then better keep quiet
ya,now is what I doing now
less talk will make things better
If previous year,I will express everything at here
now more ~ hohoho
however,I would not let my blog blow away~ hehee
mosquitoes attacked me again and again ~ =.=

Friday, September 4, 2009

Good luck for your all ^^

~now trial SPM ~
the questions quite difficult for me to understand the real theme for it
I mean the essay part ~
confusing me
still got two more weeks to go ~ ><
how to survive ~
Thanks to my friends who wish me good luck for exam ya ^^
Same same to your all too
Today is mesyuarat agung 2009 for library
anywhere not much pps present for it
oh well,this is the new MT responsible
hurray ~ finally ~at last ~free ~ not need duty ~hohoho~