Friday, August 1, 2014

Brand New Month of August 2014

2/8/2014 Saturday

It's had been 9 months since last time I wrote about myself.
It's excuse if I'm said ' I'm busy' , ' I've no time ' .
Let's me straight forward : Yes, I've no inspire to blogging ~ no motivation at all ~

Within these few months, there are lots of things happen
Always meet with the same type of bad attitue people ~.~
However I had met lots of business friend, friends of enjoying life ~friends of everywhere ~
Thank, god ! I have supportive from my family, lovers and friends.
I will appreciate our relationship~
I'm not easy give up , but always de-active or de-motivate for certain moments.
But once I'm start the engine of motivate, you will never know what's abilities I can do !

I'm just mumbling ~ Learn Fast , be smart , be socialable ~
You can do it , Callie !

There's meaningless of arguing and complaining .
 I learnt to forgiven people and let it go.
Mature ~ growing ~ success ~