Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sport day for my secondary year...tata

Event: Sport Day of SMK Tanah Putih
Date : 28/6/2009
Time : 7.00 am - 1.00 pm

This year was my last year for attended the sport day event.
This year I have been choosen to be vice president of red house...
Althought I'm not active at sport,I would work hard on other aspects...
I'm great that Azwan(President of Red House) and me work together~
both of us were librarian and as the leader of red house...
We put some effort on it and make sure all the things settled.
Althought this year red house lose already but yet the spirit of red house still burning and will continue for the next year ^^
Thanks for the atlets who participated in the Sport Day ~
I'm join the PBSM perbarisan...
We all didnt pratice and just went out and arrange ourself into 3 ppl in one row with our own style...haha
That's mean without the correct way ~
My skin and face become darker already ~
this is due to the expose of sunlight ya ~HAiz...haha
WInner :
1st ----Rumah Hijau
2nd----Rumah Biru
3rd ----Rumah Merah
4 ------Rumah Kuning
For the last year at SMK Tanah Putih,
at lease I have the memory when me with all of my friends when sport day ^^
Red house ,gambateh next year ya~
win the first place for our red house..the spirit is the most important...

Bye bye ,sport day

juli,wen shing,me and yan jun
(we taking picture when principal gave a speech in front ~hohoho )
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Friday, June 26, 2009


This few day we playing around until sot plug ya...crazy ^o^
me,juli,yen ping,pei wen,li chien,wen shing and ya hui ~
we just playing when teacher not around in the class~
those teacher also dont know what so busy until didnt enter the class.
we play and chat a lot of stuff ~
and play a childish games..."one two som"
then we punch and our hand all red red ya ~
dudu was the most injury~
poor u ya...
xiao bing was the person who called all of us bit her hardly ya~
hehee..who ask u want this childish request for bit hardly~
now u see...ur hand will be the next most injury
but actually not that serious ~just lebam only...hehee
Tomorrow have schooling ~
sunday sport day~
not time to rest
after schooling tmr,at night tuition
then next day for sport day,after that tuition and tuition until 7.00 pm ~ T.T

Hope when studying,I'm not sleepy ya

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Transformer ?
what is this movie story about ya ?
I dont know oh~
This saturday and sunday have schooling ya ~
saturday replaced friday period ,sunday is sport day
saturday they want to watch movie
because it is too rush for me to watch movie then go for tuition
I miss it ~ I cannot watch "Transformer" ~
I dont know the spelling right or not~ simply type only....
* time we hang out and watch movie again~
this few day I chat with my senior ...
previous year he is my senior for a club ...then he went to penang studying~
Now he become more hardworking ya
Then I wondering where is my friendster's friend ya ~ Tim loh~
he really busy until no time reply my comment ya ~.~
well,a busy man is a busy man~
Today chat a lot of stuff with my friends...
mostly the teacher dont care about us,then we chat loh~
anywhere we also act until a bit crazy ya ''sot plug" long as we are enjoy and happy ~it is nothing loH~

Friendship Forever ya ^^

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


wednesday again~
Just now seeing my friend's blog...
wor~ GN night just over..their dress pretty ya
This few day teachers discussing about our exam
and said that "5S2,please wake up !!! Now still left 5 month ...You still can do it wan"
blah blah blah ~althought we know our dateline were almost near.....
I mean around the corner... but yet we still relaxing~ ^^
I'm great that I had passed all my examinations ~all subjects passed~
Well ~I have to mantain ya ~
Last time school said compulsory every student gave RM 20 for PIBG~
now said want to pay for fee costs RM 54 + RM 20 for PIBG
and said that last time gave RM 20 was " donation " =.=
what?! how can I accpet this reason?
That day we gave RM 20 for PIBG already~before holiday
now want us pay again ~and this time is compulsory again
how can like this ~ now want me pay RM 20 again~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

school ~

school reopen loh
tomorrow is the beginnning of the day~
my holiday just end like that
sleep ,eat ,watch tv,watch animes,suft net....
well,what can I say ~
I want it like this,then it became like this~
I had collect new animes pictures ~
cute pictures ya...hehehe
I like it so much ....
* lease can meet friends ya ~
chit-chat with them ^^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today have add math tuition~
and it was totally boring for this chapter =.=
whole class almost wanna fall to sleep
anywhere teacher was nice ~gave us ate corns(Jagung) and drank "1oo plus" ~
oH~tuition at afternoon section is like this ~ hehee
before that,I went to Xing Chew office to take my rewards for the news I wrote~
Today I'm earned some money,althought it was just small amount...
when the articles I wrote came out on the newspaper ~I'm satisfied ^^
I'm great I'm became the student reporter ~I learned a lot of things ya ~
ya,one of my friendster's friend called Roku went for American ~
yet,I still dont know the reason he went there....
anywhere will miss him ya ~ hope he will take care himself
Some of my net friends which I chat with them within a long period~
they always became busy and less online after that ~
and then they will forgot me too ~
yo,I really hope they will still remember me ya ~
I still remember them too such as tim,roku allan and others ~
miss them so much ~ hohoho ^^

good luck for all my friends ^o^

Saturday, June 6, 2009


my bro just came back 2 days ya ~
our conversation became better than previous years
if previous years,we will just quarrel ~
Then he bought chocolate for me ~It delicious ya
He told me to take care his notebook ~
ya ~ I will take good care...hohoho
Well,nothng much to say ~
but yet,my bro always remember bought chocolate for me ya ~
TQ ya~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

International Phonetic Alphabet

Just 4 people only ~
a form 4 TP girl,me,hock lai and jian der

start from 9.30 am until 11.00am
Listening ~speaking ~blah blah blah 48 vowels....
just like that ~

quite boring ya ~
Then we had a small test ...I correct 14/18
wrong 4 only ~hohohoo