Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I know I know ....
nightmare coming
but I still the same
less revision
what can I do ~
try my best for it???
less chatting with net friends
but I miss them ^^
by the way,they quite busy ~
maybe they had forget who I am
but yet,I hope they still remember me
we all have our own life to fight ~
so let us gambateh ^^
sometimes a person will become selfish
too selfish until dont know how to care people
just think for his/her own benefits
I'm not waiting for it
I have no patient for waiting it
it become meaningless for me
dont know what I truly need
miss my little cousin so much
it had been a few year since we met last time
but I think she might forget me
too many things happen around me~
headache when thinking about it....
it just refreshed back some unforgetten memories

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