Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holiday ~one week~

one week holiday arrive ~
oh well,just finish trial exam
really difficult ~
or to me ~really really difficult
hope can pass all subjects
I really not confident with this trial
Really tired ~ ~
leak of sleeping ~
panda's eye appear again
Thanks for the friends who cares about me ~
Arigato Gozaimasu ~
Long time no write blog ~
Oh well,I had outdate for the animes and chinese song
My high score at facebook for the word challenge and typing maniac had dropped
Leak of communication will cause a lot of things happen
so this is what happen this few day my family and I ~
many things affected it ~
oh well,if talk will hurt someone,then better keep quiet
ya,now is what I doing now
less talk will make things better
If previous year,I will express everything at here
now more ~ hohoho
however,I would not let my blog blow away~ hehee
mosquitoes attacked me again and again ~ =.=

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