Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bye bye January ~

31/1/2012 Tuesday

Last Saturday went to neighbour's kenduri and they asked when is my turn ?
I'm just smiled and said not yet for now ^_^

Today went to school with a sleepy face.
My friends said that I'm thin a bit ~
Oh well,I didn't see the effect yet,but does make me feel nice when people said that praise words compared of saying " you become fatter "~
Went to wen and chien house. wow..finally went to their house..and tanjung'm still confused with her house.
January for me passed like a lightning.
This is because I don't feel like done anything at this month.
and tomorrow already the begin of February ~


Sunday, January 29, 2012

after CNY

30/1/2012 Monday 1.00 am

Looking at the facebook can update friend's status and current condition.
Mostly back to work and study at their places and left their hometown.
Although I don't make it to meet all the friends,
but I can said that one day we will meet again.
Friendship is bound tight like a water,it's hardly to break it, except you choose to tear up the friendship.
It depends on the fate and time being. ^_^
So if we keep contact in FB ~sooner we sure meet again.
Therefore, I'm shall apologies to my friends who invite me to yamcha which I cannot make it~
what a weirdo sentences I come out with ~
lalala~I'm just feel like blogging only like usual.
Sharing my mood of today with everyone who read my blog just like people who like to express and share their emotion and mood through the Facebook ~
Nowadays technology is very effective and convenient ~xD


Friday, January 27, 2012


28/1/2012 Saturday 12.58 am

I saw many people visit others houses at FB and share with friends.
That's the new trend for Chinese New Year ^_^
Last monday (23/1)-Friends come to my house and jessie house for gong xi fa cai ~
I'm very happy that they made it to visit my place ^_^

拜年2 - 27/1/2012 Friday
Went to Mei Theng's house, Wen Shing's house and Juli's house.
We went to starbuck and drank chocolate cream chip and green tea cream and bubbling with each others about a lot of stuffs.
Absent of yahui at KL,wen at vacation~jessie at Johor ~ @.@

I'm took a pic with my own camera and that's no necessary for me to edit the photo. I like this photo ^_^
my skills of taking photo is improving~
My look and style did change too ^^

Early of Jan 2012

End of Jan 2012-drank starbuck ^_^


Thursday, January 26, 2012


27/1/2012 Friday

最近的眼睛特别痒 =.=
Haiz...what to do?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

25/1/2012 Wednesday


今天肚子不舒服啊,弄到我很早起来~ >.<
我脑子对于牌很慢的。 xD


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

22/1/2012 Sunday

Happy Chinese New Year,everyone ^_^
Recently ,I become an active otaku again.
Chinese New Year 2012 is here !!!!
Although the atmosphere of chinese new year isn't strong,
but at least relatives from other places will reunion again ^_^
That's a great new to be heard.
Now my neighbour has babies around, my cousins become more and more.
The only thing is left her,my another cousin who cannot reunion with ussince few years ago.
The same wish as always,I'm sure we will meet again,my cute little cousin.

Actually, 20 years old isn't bad at all...
It's a prove that we grow up and living on the earth for 20 years.
A drama always said "人生有多少个十年~" ~ (I don't know how to continue it,but just want to write that sentences out... :P)
That's all ~


Monday, January 16, 2012

"before" and "after"

16/1/2012 Monday

I look back the album of previous year.
That's right,before year 2012.
my appearance and style did change a lot.
From a blacky girl change to fairer girl~
From black hair change to brown hair~
From noob face change to better face ^_^
From thin become fatter ~
I don't have confidence in my past,
but now I can said that I have confident now ^_^

People did change to follow the latest trend right ?
But I'm change to improve myself to become a better person.
When look at my photo during primary school,and before form 3 look and compare now...
I was like ... wow...I change a lot ... not to mention become fatter too~
BUt sweet memories with friends did appears too ~
That's the best part ^_^


This is 2005 photo when we became Form 1 student and met back with my primary friends at Primary school (SJK (C) Kuang Hwa)~

Friday, January 13, 2012


13/1/2012 Friday

Today I finally can rest at home ~
I found out that from this few days ,I'm totally hard to get sleep easily during at night.
When the sunrise,I only feel sleepy and can sleep well a bit.
However,it's almost morning..then I only slept for couple of hours only.
Not enough...

Back to the main topic was due to raining day and sg lembing was flooded.
We had to cancel the plan to sg lembing,however we did stayed overnight at yen ping's house.
6 of us ,except wen shing~all people squeezed into a room.
Before sleep,laugh laugh laugh...
When wake up early in the morning...laugh laugh laugh again.
I think all people squeezed together chit-chat will enhance our friendship~
Once awhile being together like this is really fun.(Although we didn't sleep well ~)

Today we had breakfast at TC and lunch at McD,TC too.
From 7.30 am until 1.30pm at TC ~bubbling alot of stuffs and looked at the sea wave.
We had anxious moment when those cars didn't tolerate with us, make us stucked at the middle of road for searching parking.
However,it's was funny and one of us mentioned that not need to be so anger for that..calm down...

12/1/2012 Thursday
This was the day for the MQA (govt officers) came to my college make surveys as interview for some lecturers and students.
The day before that interview,I was chosen by my lecturer which surprising me.
I want to take experience for this interview session,that's why I agree to join in too.
I'm as one of the student council representative with two boys entered for the interview.
I think the interview going well...
I'm great that I got give supporting facts while my friends doing his presentation about it.
To think back,I holding position in student councils for two years.
First year as secretary, second year as publicity. (I'm partime journalist during my school time, I was advertise my college once an activity is being organise.)
However,no authority for me as prove that I'm take those position =.=
Actually that's what the officer told us >.<

callie ~callie ~你呢? 没有任何计划哦,怎么办?


Saturday, January 7, 2012


8-1-2012 Sunday


昨晚在Qiant遇到了Yee Yein~Bao Yan ~Gan~Danny Ong~
”感恩的心,谢谢帮助我的人“。 说的好!我支持这句话。

还有很多照片还没edit好啊~ >.<


Monday, January 2, 2012

A visit

1-1-2012 Sunday
Brother's friends came to stay overnight at my house as guests.
I brought them to TC beach which they had their western dinner at there and felt the wind of sea blew through them.
Some of them are hyperactive and took some funny photo.
we stayed at there just looking at the beach from 8.30 pm something until 12.00 midnight >.<
Met friends (poh seng,guo hui) at there.
It's been long time since last time met Guo Hui.
How long it had been ? Almost 7 years ...
I can recognize him by my sixth sense.
Yamcha at Just Relax until the shop was closed. It's already 1.30 am and outside we can saw a heavily raining.
I'm continue online and organised my photo ~
and only went to bed at 4.00 am.
But I totally couldn't sleep that night zzZZZ

2-1-2012 Monday
The next morning, woke up by mummy.
Finally I can sleep, but then I need to wake up =.=
Had lunch with them and showed them place to purchase souvenir.
It's nice to meet new friends.

During the conversation with them, they mentioned that previous people use book to write down their dairy.
Nowadays, people use blogger,wretch,twitter,facebook to write blog.
Since people can goggle or look at it once it's post out at website.
That are not privacy already but is a public dairy.
While the mind of human is unique.
Although some will remain the traditional to write dairy in a book and is private.
Nowadays, people want to share to friends or strangers/readers about their stories.
For example, I also want to share with friends. That's why I'm blogging ^_^