Monday, March 9, 2009


Tomorrow is the day for the oral test for BM and BI
Oh my god ~ until now I didnt read it ,revise it back ~
how I wanna answer the questions because both also are NOVEL ~
I'm not that good and hardworking student~
I'm a lazy student...I wouldnt read all the chapter of Novel ~
hohoho~ This is because after read also not understand~
better refer to reference book is much better....
How I wanna ORAL ~
I really scared ~nervous ~
I duno what to do ~
nevermind..later see see then understand a bit
I think can already ~
BI oral about novel of character and blah blah blah
BM oral is presentation about the "konflik watak "
haiz...wish me good luck
Why the subjects have to change because of BC
I mean the timetable for a week ~ because lack of chinese teacher~
Then have to arrange the timetable again ~then we have to write it again~
Not just this ...
Monday,I have to face BM,BI and BC period~
wednesday have to face biology,physics and chemistry subjects~
(If science subjects all are new chapter,how can I understand all in same day)
Then friday have to face those boring subjects such as EST,history and moral subjects
aiyoyo ~the timetable before this is much better than now ~ ><
High school musical song really nice loH~haha
korean and japanese song also nice ^^
of course including chinese song loh ^^
While writing this blog,I'm listening song (high school musical)
Happy Birthday ,azwan ^^

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