Tuesday, February 28, 2012


28/2/2012 Tuesday

If I have a Death Note book~
I will write the name of "MOSQUITOES " !!!!
Stop attacking me,MOSQUITOES !!!
my legs are itchy now =.=


Friday, February 10, 2012


11/2/2012 Saturday

Colleague are busy working and studying at the same time~
I'm have no job but still 'look busy'and studying too ~
Invisible pressure does exist, although it's invisible,
but you can feel it around you.
(Straight to the point=I'm a lazy girl who do not improve myself for now~)
Assignment gonna start and the dateline are getting closer.
I have time to edit photo but no focus on homework.
I'm spending too much money within this two months...
I'm lack of money now T.T $$$ where are you ,my dear Mr.Money ???
When to Xtreme Gym & Just Relax restaurant ~
exhausted exercise~ @.@
This time gathering is homemade sushi with my gang ~
Not bad, the sushi does look nice ~ ^_^
and I gained my weight again ~


Monday, February 6, 2012

1st week

6/2/2012 Monday

Today went to Popular at Megamall and finished all the voucher of RM 200 and bought 10 books ~ (5 books for me,another 5 books for my mummy)
one word to describe we dislike to read many sentences and words of books.
It makes us dizzy~
We picked those books took us at least 2 and half hours =.=
A busy 1st week of February for me although I'm unemployed person.
and there are a lot of photo took by last months and these few days which I quite lazy to edit it.