Sunday, September 27, 2009

A week holiday

I have to say bye bye to my holiday ~
tomorrow is school reopen loh~ least I get enough rest for the holiday
sleep late and wake up late ~hehee
but 8.00am wake up,is this count as wake up late ?
I dont know~
Yesterday chat with my friend
and ask me what no blogging for so long
oh ya,some of the incident is not suitable for express it
It will make the things become worse
by the way,it is not too bad using english to write izit~
although I know my spelling and my language quite poor
I try my best ya
because if I use chinese to write...I will write quite long and use longer time to finish it ~
but I want to write it faster~
ABC is much easier..hehee
Start holiday ,I just went for my friend's house and play water on the next day
until now,my skin still dark dark ~
this is the fact after playing water under sunshine
Nothing special just stay at home few day online and watching tv ~
although some of the movie not attractive =.=
but for me still long as the tv is on and I can online
Sometimes I think I really stupid ~
haiz... oh well,what can I ask ~blah blah blah
I cant write my blog just like previous year~
my mum get same present for her birthday
two bottles of red wine ~
my brother and I gave the red wine for my mum,
and another wan was giving by my neighbour~
One month to go ~special day for me and nightmare is coming~
Not expect anything,kinda no mood to think about it
sometimes it quite disappointed...

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