Sunday, May 23, 2010


all have their own pathway to fight for
Start from may,friends will start busy with their new environment of college
Haiz..why they all go so far =.=
Anyway all the best for them
Yesterday eat steambot with my friends...
WAh~RM 20 per person~ate a lot include ais-cream
Then celebrate juli's birthday ~early a bit with a slide of cake and a littl candle
bad girl~chien and yen ping recorded a video of us when we celebrate juli's birthday
Really enjoy...and we also watched the Shrek
nice...I think it will be more nice if can watch 3D ><
Before that on friday morning
went to sg lembing with college's friends and my mum ~hehe

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Second semester starts again

Friday BBQ with friends until 1 am
Then juli fetch me back ~ feel good~haha
Yesterday(saturday) shopping with my mum and grandma
nice too ^^