Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dye Hair Day

16/1/2013 Wednesday

Today Hair cut + Dye dark brownish red with my mummy and take care of my little baby cousin at the saloon there~
Lazy to dye by ourselves, therefore we decided hair colors at saloon.
I didn't take good care for my skin again >.<
getting fatter again...
*Actually I would like to dye my hair become brownish red red ~
however once I consider my company's image that indirectly no encourage dye too light colors ...
I dye dark brownish red >.<


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brand New Year 2013

2/1/2013 Wednesday
Nothing special except keep working ~.~
After worked, take care of my little baby cousin~
Finally will be attend my graduation convocation at KL~
although a bit expensive, however it's my graduation~
I had been start working since I'm graduated..but actual job start on sept 2012 until dec 2012 ~
4 months experience in hotel line ~ not bad ^_^
I know on a brand new year 2013, we have to move forward to achieve goals
During 2012, I had been experienced lots of first time challenge..awesome years ^^
Hope this year will be more better than last year.

1/1/2012 Tuesday
Happy hang out with college friends.
Now I'm start with 21 years old...I think will start seeing people getting married >.<

31/12/2012 Monday
On this moment, I had to worked until night shift.
However, on that day my New Year countdown was celebrated with my primary school friends~
It's friends that we never knew and never meet when we were in primary school.
However, due to gathering of primary friends, we know each other and become friends and crazy together ~
That's the happy moments when you know new friends (primary school friend)
Until 3:30 am early middle of night only went home ~.~

On 24/12/2012 Monday
Monday again ~and countdown for Christmas at Phat Barrel.
Meet my new friends from primary school.
On that day, my working place was flooded...
Damn..luckily my car was survived during the flooded ~