Friday, March 20, 2009

English bad ~

oh ya..this few day some of my friends told me that my english isnt good
aiyO~ u know why ...I hate when heard that~
anywhere that is the truth ~so I accept it ~
besides that,althought u saying my english isnt good,
at lease u tell me how to improve my english ~so TQ ya ^^
I begin to improve my english ~
but I think my bahasa melayu is better than english ~haha
okok ~i will learn it better ya ~
today is my neighbour,aunty's birthday
She be a chief today ~ cooked many delicious malay food
Thanks you and happy birthday aunty..
It tasted delicious ~yummy ^^
So fast wanna reopen school already ~
aiyo~many homework still like a mountain~
hehee....a holiday isnt like a holiday ~


HauHui said...

u're english not vy good..
it's "accept" not "accpet"
LOL!! xD

巧克力 ^o^ said...

sorry loH~ aiyo~

HauHui said...

no need sorry one laa.. xD