Friday, August 9, 2013

Sg Lembing Half day Trip

10/8/2013 Saturday

Within these few days , lots of things happen ~
Working non-stop from daylight to daynight...
it's tiring but what to do when  you are lack of staffs >.<
My body are weak and my health isn't good like it use to be.
Luckily I have holiday during raya~
But the times passed so fast T.T
I wish all muslims "Selamat Hari raya"

I felt very happy again as 9/8/2013 (Friday)
I dyed my hair become brownish red red ~love it so much ~.~

8/8/2013 Thursday
Had a whole day
Joyful life and we started our journey on early in morning 6:30am till 10:30pm
Reached Sg Lembing on 7:30pm for having our breakfast, walked around the bridge, snap photo like usual.
During our lunch time at Restaurant Dong Seoul, guest what ~
The car wasn't work at all, blank out >.< no battery ~
OMG! First time traveled with friends and we faced this kind of problem =.="
When we decided to go Cherating for our second plan, it's started raining.
Speechless and at the end we went to sing karaoke.
out with my girls~ Juli,li chien, pei wen, wen shing, yen ping,ya hui~