Sunday, October 28, 2012

HAng out Part 2

29/10/2012 Monday   11:21 am

Although today is my dayoff..I wake up at 7:00am =.=
and received call from my dad at 8:30am~
Why I cannot have a good night sleep and wake up at 10:30am
without any disturbing ~
Later afternoon watch movie with juli and yahui~
and gonna had my dinner with hilson & vinnnie at night ~.~
My dayoff will be end up like this...

28/10/2012 Sunday

Had my breakfast at 10:30am with my Alicev Lam(li ying) at 面粉糕 beside Sing Chew 报管.
After worked, yc with mei qi and weng keong at Old Town beside Megamall~
Found out ,I lost my direction of pathway =.=

27/10/2012 Saturday

After worked, cooked my dinner and hang out with my girls~
Enjoyable night with starbucks drink and sang karaoke at Music Star.
Let's the photo to share our joyful~


Friday, October 26, 2012

Birthday celebration

26/10/2012 Friday 10:55pm

Today had dinner with Bernard and his friend came from KL at JJ Kimbap Korean Restaurant.
For celebrated my birthday.
I'm really stupid in come I can live at kuantan and never explode outside world.
On tomorrow 27/10 gonna gathering with my Sotong's gang and the day after tomorrow and continuously day have to yc with friends ~.~

25/10/2012 Thursday

After worked, while waited for the time past, cooked myself with delicious fried rice with garlic &onion eggs.
Around 10pm sing Karaoke at Song Box ,ecm with alicia, fenny,nicole and others..
That day was alicia's fiance birthday ~the presents gave to him were so creative  to make us had fun ...
Received presents from Aida of the Iced Lemon Tea drink, Polo's daily milk chocolate and Krystle's album photo presents.

24/10/2012 Wednesday

This day had dinner with nicole at Sidewalk deli besides Ms Garden.
The Kuek Teow Hong Kong was so decilious as the kuek teow cooked with the eggs like baking it..
so yummy but ate it with uncomfortable condition since the mosquitoes bite my legs until red marks appear >.<

23/10/2012 Tuesday

The day of my Birthday was working day like usual.
But received a lot of colleague's birthday wishes and hug of love...
and surprised received a bunch of flower as for past 20 years , my first time received flower.
Flower gave by a friend and thank for the flower ^_^
and celebrated birthday at night with my neighbour's aunty, irene and yee sze with secret recipe cake at McD near my house.

22/10/2012 Monday

My offday had lunch with my vinnie and hilson  at Koi Zen Restaurant.


Monday, October 22, 2012


22/10/12 Monday

今天和Vinnie and zhi wei在Koi Zen restaurant享用午餐,吃的很赶 >.<
得空的时候,自己做了些饭菜~ ^_^
家人都在Johor ~



Friday, October 19, 2012

celebration part 2

20/10/2012 Saturday  1:13 am

Now already midnight.
On 19/10/2012 (Friday), my college friends, vinnie,hilson,shier ee and cheng hui were celebrated my birthday at Teluk Chempedak.
I got the presents from them and appreciated their arrivals ~
Just came from dungun and went back..I know it's very tiring trip.
But thank to hui's fiance for brings my girls just to meet me.

2nd round at Phat Barrels like usual ^_^
I drank kilkenny ~
I received a chocolate special xD
Like it and nail's care products ~love it ~~~


Friday, October 12, 2012


12/10/12  Friday

This is my first birthday celebration ^_^
Although just know each other shortly, but I'm happy because they invited me to join their birthday celebration.
Thank to Eilyn and Karen who treat for the celebration at 'Your Place' cafe~
Thank you very much. ^o^
My next celebration will be with my college friends at 19/10/12 (next friday)
then with my secondary friends~
And I just feel like wanna celebrate at Phat Barrels~


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Red Wain

11/10/12 Thursday

Tonight drink red wain alone around 10.30pm.
It's been awhile since I drink red wain.
The taste of red's leaving a taste of pleasant
I'm think of someone who used to invite me for a drink.
But until he is leave , we couldn't make a date for drinking.
It's hard for us to meet the suitable time for drink.
But now to call him back,it's difficult, too far apart.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


10/10/12 Wednesday

好喜欢用No.5 oxy cream~ No.6 Intensive Nourisher (foundation)~
可爱的Yee Sze妹妹~每次好喜欢和我吵架(我们的沟通方式)


Sunday, October 7, 2012

drive carefully

7/10/12 Sunday

This few months, there's lots of car accidents happened recently.
Please drive careful everyone, don't drive in the road with high speed.
It's just early of october, everyone hope for a brand new month with happiness.
But recently seems like more towards sadness news.
Death has taken away their life.
One is from my primary school ,another one we had been worked at Parkson for two weeks.
When I think back my aunty who passed away few years ago,
Tear will start drop little by little.
We have to live for their parts too.
so be Strong !


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brand New October

 2/10/2012 Tuesday

Inspiration across my mind today.
Brand new month for October.
Do they have to countdown for each month in year 2012?
As I know, this month will be a meaningful month for me.
The reason is simple, my birthday is near ~
I will be officially 20 years old.

I had been working at Vistana for a month.
I hope I gain valuable experience this month.
Someone,please give me a clue or guideline for me ?
Hope luck will always be my side.
Bought some new dress last month ~
This is one of the dress I bought ~