Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our school ditutup seminggu~
so boring,but I not need wake up so early in the morning.
after holiday my nightmare begin loh~
nothing special happen
this few day my net have problem~
dont know why ? cant online~~~~
oH!!! everytime need to find the right time to online~
quite hard u know ? sometime morning can online,sometime afternoon or night~
yesterday I tuition account~
oh mind,teacher said that account is not easy as I think ~
when teacher give a offer to those who are weak on "document"(Chapter 3)
which we must answer this questions
When I heard that,I would like to join...
but when teacher saw me then she said that:"what marks u get when mid year? u ok already lah,not need come for that extra tuition"
=.=" my expression ~Oh ~I want to join ,teacher always disallowed~
what can I do ???
Last wednesday I watch a movie ~
the "artifically intelligent"
the story is about a boy called david is a meccha that mean robot
It look exactly like a real boy and very cute ^^
his eyes attracted me ^^
oh~the world was so technology and lastly the boy wanted to become a real boy but this was impossible ~
He went for a adventure and tracked in the ocean ~
he was praying for the little angel and praying almost 2000 years ~
hope that he could become a real boy~
After 2000 year,the would not longer belong to human ~
Alien came and discovered the boy ~...
blah blah blah ~the ending quite normal ~nothing special....haha
I had summarised the story~ too long ..lazy to type ~
I miss my friends ~~~

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