Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Day

Today is my birthday ~ ^^
My friends had celebrated my birthday at school
The cake was orange favour~
oh well, I had received some presents~
Thanks for the present ya~ ^^
Thanks for the wish from all my friends ya ^^
I have nothing else to say ~
Today was a happy day for me ^^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Rush rush rush~
Our target "FRIED CHICKEN"
Time to start the journey :1.10 pm
Venue : From school to Qiant

Who suggest this idea ? o.O
Who else ~ loH~
She kept saying want to eat fried chicken start from yesterday~
I thought she just saying only~ but 50% she would do it ya~
Ya,today we went there after our school~
actually the journey started from 1.10pm
unfortunately, our last period teacher came~
what?! who knew that ? nobody knew teacher came~ =.=
Teacher said that who finished the exercise counted as attended her class~
oh well,we finished the exercise as soon as possible(Actually just few questions only)~
Yeah,then we went Qiant and ate KFC ~
When we reached there the time already 1.45pm ~
We ate , ate her fried chicken~
Actually still got a lot of funny things ...mostly related to
today she quite naughty loh~heheee
lazy to say ~ ^^

Thursday, October 15, 2009

hehee ~help friend promote~
come and visit the website above ya ^^

secondly,this few day always refreshed many things on my mind~
The moments with my friends since primary school until form 5
hoho~although we met when we were tuition in the same place,but our friendship became further apart just like momentum after collide and will move apart for the concept of elastic collision~
Schooling day~
nothing special ~bored
revision at school,unbelievable right ?
hehee..because too bored ~actually also no revise ~
Most of the question I simply answering...
MOsquitoes still attacked me at school~ haiz...

I know sometimes my senteces look weird,
many mistakes,many wrong spelling,
sometimes my writing terrible,how terrible ?
terrible until I also dont understand what I try to express it
but please forgiving me,I try my best to write it ~

Time passed quickly~nightmare is around the corner~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

met again ^^

Today I met my friends at tuition there~
I really didnt expect that ~
My malay friends ^^
We had been two years didnt contact each other ~
I'm very happy to see them again~
Suddenly I think about my cousin
The one who close with me one upon a time ~
I hope she will remember me
but now...we had lost contact ~
due to her father ...
If I not wrong,now she was in standard 2 study in primary school
our happy moments when we were played together appear from my mind
I miss that moments ~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This year moon cake festival quite bored
no celebrate with neighbour this year
maybe this year they all busy~
secondly,when school reopen my friends started to day off whenever the day they like~
Thirdly,I will be less blogging~
I have no mood to write
but I will write it more after spm
Wish pmr and spm students all the best ~ hoho ^^