Sunday, May 31, 2009


Happy Birthday, Juli ^o^

Yesterday(Sunday) is my friend's birthday~
after we had finished our tuition ,we began our journey ~
firstly,we walk within 25 min to the east coast mall
after we took lunch there (costs RM 94.50)~something like that
then we walk within 20 min to megamall~
what a long journey ya ~
Xiao Bing quite late that day ~almost 3.00pm she arrived =.=
we took our heavy bag from another destination to another~
You know,is tired?
When we were walking around at the megamall,
we met many friends ya ~
Then watched "terminator salvation" (Spelling wrong,sorry ya~I not sure)
quite nice ~John cornor again~but this time he alive ~not yet die ~
well,it was a great show
After that we went to Just Relax Restoran for our dinner
it cost RM 88.40 . not bad ~haha
It was the time..hehehe
we blast off to xiao bing's house...
go to her house play and celebrated juli's birthday,
watching movie,chit chat and blah blah blah
we sleep at there too ~
we were so noisy at night~
Early in the morning,around 8.30 am ...we all woke up~
Thanks to xiao bing's parents prepared breakfast for us ~
it was so delicious ~hohoho
Then we chit chat again~
watching movie again~ no funny loH~
It was a wonderful day ya ~
I think we all enjoy it ^^


JuLi said...

so fast update =.=

Jessie said...

ya so fast updated =.=
anyways *terminator salvation* yahz =)
anyways, ps wor..
not i wan de =.=
bath there take long time..wakakaka

Chocolate ^o^ said...

of course ~fast updated not need to delay mah~ wakakaka