Saturday, June 19, 2010


Oh~what should I say ???
Erm..long time no update my blog again.
I used to like blogging but now ...
my blog become dusty already~
Actually got many things happen~
but I lazy to say out~
so let me tell about my holiday
my holiday ...BORING ...
slept in a late mode until 2.30 am~
woke up around 11.00 am ~
do assignment slow slow until others people finish already T.T
me really lazy...

My brother come back rest then go back again~
at least my hard-disk arrive safely ~
oh~red color of my hard-disk ~like it ^^

Yesterday,my relatives bring me,mum,grandma for a dinner...
then walk at ecm there~
holiday gonna end...
need to study already T.T
I want more HOLIDAY !!!