Friday, November 29, 2013

坚强 Be Strong , Smile is the best mask ^^

29/11/2013 Friday

For all these few month, what I had been go through once again I being bullied and abandoned .
I have a good personality that make people jealous of me ?
Please have a respectful personality , but not that kind of rude attitude toward people.
Ego, bad temperature, easy jealous,irrespective of yours ! Bad Attitudes only will destroy yourself !

However, I know that's not reason for me to anxious for her.
These small matters of her is just because she unsatisfied for unknown reason towards me =.=
Once again, from primary school, secondary school, college life, working life...
For all these years, those people who hate me still surrounding me.

Is this challenges that the God would like to test the independent girl like me ?
I accepted your challenges, however I won't get lose easily and being a smart girl , win is no important, but the way you treat people with your heart.

By the way, I'm officially survived working at this hotel for a year ~
I'm officially graduated as beautician consultant which include knowledgeable in beauty and health.

My experience included  :
1. Sales & Marketing Executive
2. Beautician
3. Nutritionist
4. Freelance Reporter 
5. Beauty Consultant

Smile is the best mask to make people being confident for you.
Although perhaps behind the mask of the smile is the bitter of tears

You are a independent girl ! Be Strong, Callie !
Your mummy  are proud of your.