Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sick day


New job new environment...
Finally finished my nutritional class ~.~
Every morning working, at night having class until 11pm...
Finally all ended smoothly...

However, once I had exhausted within these few days.
Definitely my immune system decrease...
Then now  I SICK already ~.~
Still have to go to work with sleepy face ~~


Monday, December 3, 2012


3/12/2012 Tuesday

year 2012 is just pass too fast  >.<
I tried lots of first time in year 2012.
Bungy jumped is one of the experience.
and I know it's still early to burst out all these 'end of 2012 year speech'
But I just feel like wanna voice out xD

I lack of sleeping like everyone else who are working >.<

zzzZZz sleeping is so important..
everyday I wake up,I wish I can sleep longer zzzZZ
I'm happy with my job for right now due to what I wants starting give me a little little shine...