Saturday, March 14, 2009

this few day ~

Seeing many people write blog ~ I also write the blog. I
saw some of the blog really funny ~dialog also came out ...
well ,it was normal...everyone has their own style to write blog~
9 march was Azwan birthday ....
I heard that he had celebrated twice ~ cool man~
Then 13 march ,last friday was Shook Peng's birthday ~
sent her happy birthday on time ...
Then when recess time,we were gathering and celebrated her birthday
first wish=undang pass
second wish=straight's A
third wish=private ~cant say out hohoho~
Today I ask her and she was passed the undang ~hurray for her ^^
Last week basketball competition at our school
for team boy get second place, for team girl get first place~
This week is volleyball competition ~
Gambateh ya ^^
Then following weekends is debate competition organised by xue hai at my school~
many activities ya~
I heard teacher said that 31 march -montly test ~
Sport day maybe on 15 april~
Then karnival day on ... forgot already ~
I have tuition at holiday ~
but yet account extra tuition cancel already ~ aiyoyo~
why cancel o.O ...this that loh~ haiz...
seldom hang out with friends already ~aiyoyoo~

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