Friday, July 31, 2009


Hurray,我们form 5能退休了~wakakakkaa~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


还是在new block发生呢~上次发梦也是在new block~
没想到对new block印象那么深刻啊。
最近我一直在早上时刻伤风~recess time又没事了~真奇怪
还好他们也没忘了我~ ^^
久久聊那么一下下,haiz .....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

hang out

TOday hang out with friends
cant watch movie since the seat is too in front of the screen
so we cancel it
Then we went to Mc Donald ate around 3.30 pm~
after that walk walk ~
At 5.00 pm,we ate again~
hoho~both also were tea time ~
It seem like repeating the same movement~haha
We went for the bowling but full of people ~
no mood and no time for waiting our turn to play~
so no play ~
Then went to Holiday planet ~
aiyo~so paiseh ~
I saw someone playing the basketball games ~
then I also want to try loH~
4 token for the games.
RM 1 for 2 token ~
Then I played embrassing ~
I pressed wrong button for the starting ~
I press "team play" ~then the machine didnt record my score~
no mood to throw the basketball already~
paiseh loH~first time play new version of basketball machine games~
Nevermind ...second time I challenge it again~
hurray~this time I pressed the single wan~
and I managed to step on Stage 2 with the help of Wen shing~
next time I will challenge it agaiN~
TOmorrow they decide to go TC (beach) play water and celebrate xiao bing's birthday ~
aiYo~cant go due to my tuition time
wish xiao bing HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^o^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Oh results...
speechless about it~
not satisfied with it ~
This friday decide go funfair near my school~
after that cancel it already
they heard that it is so expensive ya
well,they have no mood to join funfair..
Saturday hang out with friends ~watch movie
what tittle of the movie ?
I dont know ~this have to ask jessie
She suggests this movie ~and she forgot what is the tittle of it~
expect got a word is "Dinousor"
Sunday~ they want to play water at TC again~
Oh~have to replace my account tuition this thursday ~
if not,I have to rush for tuition during saturday
settle for this few day~
Today sempena bulan kecergasan~senamrobik ~
My gang like playing around and dance ~
of course we were doing exercise ~just mix up with dance and "KUNG FU" ~
and "give me five " many times ya
Today my chinese language bad loh
always say wrong word...
so terrible..
so I have to learn from mistakes ~
Actually I have a lot of things need to write
but mostly is relate with my family ...
conclusion for my family and relative problem "no enough money"
You see so important ~


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter

Harry Potter ~
yo~ the harry potter and the half-blood prince
I want to watch loH~
haiz...but not time for me to go for cinema and watcH~
Yesterday I borrowed Harry Potter VCD from my friend~
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ~
cool ~It was an amazing magic of the story~
loh~ is the magic real ?
who know ~
Montly test just ended ~
Trial is around the corner ~
what else ~a lot of things still hung up just like that~
why I have no mood to write blog~
If precious year,I wrote a lot things...
nowadays ...a post just come out per week ~
heheee...aplogize loh for the visiter who come and look look around my blog~

Friday, July 10, 2009


hoho~Taylor's university college loH~
came and told us some details or way choosing the road we want to take after SPM~
oh i see...
SPM also known as "O" Level
I see...
S.M.A.R.T mean

That's all for the seminar...nothing special...
Today is the day for singing competition at my school
LAter at night,have to go there ya
two of my classmates particpated on this competition
wish them good luck loh~
At school,we play some role of family ~
Actors : callie,pei wen,wen shing,yuri,dudu and xiao bing
callie as popo ~ a talkactive and playful popo
pei wen as mummy ~ a caring and mature mummy
Wen Shing as elder sister ~ has a good vocal and bully by popo
Yuri as big sister ~ sleeping beauty ,like to hug xiao bing
dudu zai as little brother ~ sometimes emo,like to play with xiao bing
xiao bing as little sister ~ funny and playful stick with dudu zai

a funny and playful family show out ~hohohoho ^o^

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gotong royong again~

Gotong-royong again ~
Thanks to all the pps who had come to help out~
now the library look more clean and tidy~
Yesterday,I'm arranged the timetable and their duty work~
waste some time for doing that~
I'm not satisfied since majority of the pps absent today~
ya,I know they all lazy to come ~

if you are not active participated for pps's activities....
then why you want to be librarian prefer ?!
This is not the first time already~
Since some of the pps absent many times,then I will take action~
I will come out the surat amaran for those who absent today ~
If you want to challenge me,I will accept and take action~
Nowadays,the quality .... speechless ...
This is not our MT fault ~
We did our job.
This is a personal and disiplince problem ~
How dare they were not rescpect to the senior !
HOw dare they complain since this is their first time doing the job~
Those senior work hard and none of them complain about it~
Unfair !