Saturday, March 28, 2009

camp at Taman Pertanian

A camp was organised by school at 27 and 28 march 2009.
Perfects,librarians and monitors class were participated for the camp
This camp named as Kem Kepimpinan Pemimpin Muda .
on 27 march,all the participated students gathered with their big and small bags.
The sky quite dark and was raining ,anywhere it would not stop us for the activities camp...
Ya,when reached there,the rain stop .
Whole together students for this camp was 172 people.
When I saw the timetable,It would be different with the others camp I joined before.
Well ,this is because usually the camp I joined was organised at school ,this time I have the chance to join for the camp at Taman Pertanian.
First activity was "Flying Fox"~
really a suitable name for the activity. We just swing down by the help of rope...hohoho
All of the students could do it well and brave.
I accept the challenge and play this activity..hohoho ....a great experiences
But another groups, the stage more higher than us ,and below it was lake ...
cool ~ unfortunately the time is not enough for us to play all.
second was "Jungle Tracking" activity.
We went in to the forest and actually mostly we step on the water with muds...
The feeling was the shoes became wet and dirty... haha
Inside there have some challenge that need to face...
You have to cross over the bridge which supported by the rope.
Then climbed up of the rope and hold it with the strength of legs...
Then swing to opposite road by rope ....
We were divided into six groups and each group required to think slogans ...blah blah blah
In this activity,all of us cooperate and work it together....
without their help,we could not finish it well .
Oh ya,forget to tell that when we took our lunch...
It was unforgetten events,because we were having our lunch at the middle of road...
The reason was just some of us made noise and causing this punishments...
and the sun is hot hot hot ~
At night,it was about time for the "night walk" acitivity.
It mention night walk and we disallowed to bring our touchlight.
we walk walk and walk ...the sky became darker and darker...
We all silence and could heard the sound of the insects .
Before going to the forest for night walk,we had to remember password and basic things .
The password was "Bunga kembang layu tak" another was when kecemasan berlaku say it" nombor XXX hook hook hook".
Aplogize for the spelling..I was simply spell it ...
On the next day, we had played two games which tested our team work.
"sungai asid" and "Pulau Impian"
one was play crossing a distance without stepping on the grass.
Another was think and write .
monkeys will visit our camp.Luckily the boys came and the monkeys leave.
The comander was called as abah . and he said that he was around 55 above years old and still mantain strong.
Then he said many things and blah blah blah.
He also spoke some chinese words and learnt some words from us...hohoho
This camp end around 1.00 pm and we went home with full of experiences within this two days.

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