Friday, January 21, 2011

law subject

One of my subjects is intro to law.
What's this subject about ?
nobody teach us ~ seem like lecturer who relate with law seem busy person~
How we gonna face this subject without any guide =.="
Hope they will find someone to teach us soon~
if not,god bless us ~~~

I'm not as hardworking as you think...
I'm lazy kia~
my friends clever go and fotostat law note,but stupid me refuse to fotostat..and using to type the note now ~~now become very hardworking to complete the note ~
However, one thing I know this intro to law ,basis of law quite difficult ~
Everyone may say I'm clever.
But I can say I'm not clever~~~
aiyo~~is like that ..stressful life ~
none of my semester can going smooth easily~
all must pass through the tough and unstable road to finish every sem~

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