Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dye Hair 2

Second time dye hair...last time July 2010 Dye hair~
today 15/1/2011 dye second time...
oh well~I'm satisfy with the color~brownish too ~hehee
feeling good ~hohohO~
busy edit the photo of Yee Sze ~
She sure a Cute little girl ~
Today bought a wine already ~ >.<
My mummy bought it ~however I'm the one who encourage her to buy~haha...

Yesterday 15/1/2011
We celebrated early birthday for Yee Sze (one year old )~
we took too much pictures of her ~She just like a model that day.
We ate lunch and dinner at aunty there...
Yummy favourite food.. nasi pulut (黄酱饭) + Curry ~
Night celebrate her birthday and we went outside put 孔明灯~
I wondering where is the 孔明灯 dropped ? hope those wishes come true ~
I'm no write the wish but I hope those wishes come true for Yee sze's whole families.
wah~it was a beautiful scene and view and all of us went out to watched it...
It was a great memories with neighbours~
my lovely neighbours look after me since I was a baby...
but somehow we are more closer than relatives relationship~
Great,my grandma's was there for us too.
We drink red wine too~

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