Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EZ's birthday

Today is my lovely Yee Sze's birthday~ born in 25 January 2010~
Now she is officially one year old...
Ate chocolate cakes,satay at her house. Took a lot of her picture~
so fast a year already past for her...
She was so naughty and strong although she so thin and a bit dark skin (because come out garden play too much). She likes to eat when saw others people eating~
During one year period of time, she likes to come to my house just like previous time pei yicame and played in my house when pei yi is small little kid like Yee Sze...
Yee Sze just the same..being naughty and always fighting and screaming towards me, we also arguing and fighting each other, although I don't know baby's language...but she look adorable and quite look like a tomboy.
but now she seem more cute and not like tomboy already .
A lot of her photo being taken and burned as a CD to give her parents as a present.
A lot of expression occurred in the photos which being taken and those were memorable.
I was fully use my camera to take picture ^^

This make me regret one thing which I don't have my little cousin's pictures as much as Yee Sze...
I really miss my little cousin pey ling so much~
If I meet back you,you might forget me from your memories...
Now you are in standard 4 ,
THat's why a picture to have a face of you and me are totally important!
It is not just a picture but picture with a clear vision of you face.
my picture with you are just too little...there are too few pictures with pey ling's mummy ~ now nothing left but just memories in my head when the moments we used to spend together~


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