Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today chatting with some of friends at facebook~
hau from temerloh,juli,pei wen,yen ping,thian lin,sze liang,yi chien, su yan,xw yee,azwan...nice chatting with them~
found out different people got different topics to chat about..
mention a bit of this and that~

I kinda miss the life of secondary school again~
I'm great I got facebook to chat with them~
today drink Stanley red wine ~nice taste bcz it got bit sour and not that pity like other wine...not bad ~hehee ~
I love to take picture now~gonna wait for coming CNY for the trip~
Yes,I found out start school I sleep late at 1.30 am midnight~
I should change this sleeping mode....
ok ,I gonna go sleep now,good night everyone ^^
Miss me ya ~


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