Monday, January 10, 2011


When I look back to those articles I wrote for my blog.
I found out that I really like to express something...
but what can I say..that's one part of my memories...
Great memories perhaps I can say...

My friend,jeslyn and wen shing gonna turn 19, shier ee gonna turn 20~hehee
Birthday,what should I give them ?
A hug perhaps...
I found out that I have a lot of pictures as memories within this 2010.
Great memories with your all.
I know I reply saying the same time many times...
I had help my mummy clean the house but not hardworking as we cleaned and painted the house of wall~

Yee Sze gonna turn 1 year old when 25 January 2011~her birthday ~
hehe..start seeing her growing up quickly...
She always arguing with me~
Snap a lot of her pictures too ^.^
my little model Yee Sze

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