Sunday, January 2, 2011


What a brand new day ~
I love the song of brand new day for japanese song and korean song ~
Actually I not really like to cut my hair...
Don't know what mood I have ~I decided cut my hair~
Today I went to saloon cut hair with my mummy ~
Short a bit ~haiz...I sure it will grow longer again ~
a new year a new hair cut~
Help mummy dye hair ~
Before chinese new year gonna dye my hair ~
I want to change hair color ~hehee ^.^

For those who go to PLKN~enjoy your camp within 3 months...
FOr those who graduated from secondary school~Think of your pathway and work hard ~don't being a lazy kia ~find part time job better than stay at home~
For those who face PMR and SPM this year 2011 ~Good LUck and study smart~
For my lovely xueji,do well no matter at school or xueji here ~
For those who studying ~~~~Let's fight for the exam for every semester in this year and get flying colors ~

I will miss your all ~~~~

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