Monday, June 13, 2011

Dye Hair 3

13/6/2011 (Monday)
Today my mummy helps me to dye hair...
wow...brown colors~
Yes,the colors I want ~
Thanks mummy ^^
my mummy says that the mirror will broke if I keep looking at my hair >.<
everytime I dye hair,I will touch my hair smoothly and enjoy the lovely brown colors~
I love my hair ~

14/6/2011 (Tuesday)
Cleaning my stuff...I got a lot of stuffs ~
Today take picture under the sunlight ~wakakaka...
Got one of the pic which very light brown make me feel like wearing fake hair...
all picture not same colors =.="
loL~I also confuse which wan is the actual colors~
Today my turn to help my mummy dye hair..successful ^^


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