Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blood Donation 2011

Monday 20/6/2011
around 8.30 am ,I woke up from slumber(sleep)~
I slept only for 4 hours...tired me feeling sleepy...
When I reached my college ~it was the day for blood donation.
Not much people in the morning session~
However,I found out I'm type blood O ~my weight is 57 kg =.="
OMG~I'm so heavy~
Then I tested my blood pressure ,first time was 140/90 ~
Doctor said I'm nervous...but I can feel I'm a bit hot ~like sauna~so I know my blood pressure sure high..after rest awhile but kinda still hypo-active..tested second time it was 130/80~
Went to donate blood...
wow..when the needle spiking(mencucuk) into my left hand~
a bit pain only..then blood started to flood out through a small paip~
nurse said that my blood vessels small,that's why blood flow slow..
another student's blood flow fast..then I said "donate blood like waterfall..flow out fast fast" ~
I'm was talkactive while donating the blood..kept talking and talking...very noisy...
After donate blood,I'm should rest awhile,nurse mentioned that if no rest awhile,I will feel dizzy...
however,after I rest awhile,I'm didn't feel dizzy...
I'm really a strong ..after 3 days 2 nights walked and slept for 4 hours before the day for this...
I'm great that I'm brave enough to challenge myself for donating blood for first time...
It wasn't pain afterward...
guys,try ones to challenge yourself and experience it .
you will never know how it's feel if you don't try~


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