Thursday, August 5, 2010


I know how jessie know I got work..sure looking at my blog...
yO~I write here so obvious...
Blogging is one of the way I express...same with the blogger friends.
Yesterday when I worked I met some of friends.
First,I saw Kang Ni, but she never saw me once.
Then I saw Bing Quan and Wuh Hou at popular..They shall surprised when saw me...
After that, saw Hilson, Ee,Hui and Evelyn..came shopping and visited me.
I keep it short and simple.
I saw one of the part time promoter malay boy.
when he saw me,he will smile at me.
Then I went to stock took clothes...
He told to me with mandarin and asked me 你在找什么?
I quite surprised because he don't look like will spoke mandarin.
Of course I don't know want to answer him in mandarin or malay.
I said that I finding stock loH~
Then he asked me second time again 你在找什么?
I answered him 我在找你咯.
But he seem so paiseh and shy ~ or is me so paiseh..haha..don't know lah...

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