Friday, August 20, 2010

saturday morning

Saturday morning wake up around 5.00 am
actually is not sleep well..insomnia loh~oh mind ~
First, wake up and dress up then prepare to blast off.
Then we start our journey by walking across roads and reach LRT at Asia Jaya...
Our station to reach is Ampang Park...
The place for convocation for my brother graduates place is at MCA of UTAR campus... I think..I not sure...
However I cannot attend into the ceremony because only two tickets for parents only. Other family members have to wait outside...
However , although I sit alone and online using netbook with Digi broadband...
Actually I not alone too..because not just me wait ...still got many people also wait outside...
then we can go to 3th floor and sit at the chairs which prepared by organzation with a LCD screen which can look through inside of the cerempny convocation...
Just now first performances is musical ~
One of the graduated guy use "笛子" and perform "Love Story by Taylor Swift"...
nice and great performances...
I thought I will bored this LCD screen for audience to watch and can online here ..I not gonna get bored for this ^^
so hehee..good for me loh~
But I cannot study or revise since I didnt bring those note...haiz...
so I gonna work hard back when go back to Kuantan...
and I lack of sleep...
The ceremony of graduation is so nice ~
really formal and feel like graduation is the great part when u finish your education for certain levels~
I hope I will have this kind of ceremony when I graduated too
This begin of this graduation for first musical performances and second is graduation walking in ~take 1 hours for them~ until 9.00am
Now is 9.10 am ..speech again..blah blah blah..some of th people sleep already~
hehe...must be too bored..but I so sleepy too..
The shoes make my legs quite pain~
I want to buy new shoes~
I hungry T.T
breakfast not yet eat
I used to think netbook very small not nice to use it..
But after today use it, oh~it's so small and easy to carry~

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