Friday, August 20, 2010


Today go KL at 1pm reach there 5.30pm
clean my bro's room and help him change his room's light =.=
Then help him to iron clothes
so tired ~
Just now take my dinner with family at Restaurant Recharge Kitchen near to my brother place. My brother used to go to that restaurant eat...
Tauke so generous and kind.
My mum says that what I want to order sometimes will put "sold out"
so tauke let me guess which meal is "sold out"..If I guess correct, she will belanja me a dish of 水饺 or 鸡翅膀....
Then I think and think and order 酱爆鸡丁...
She says that I guess wrong...However, she said that “看你很可爱,我请你吃水饺和鸡翅膀"
I quite surprise and appreciate tauke kindness and keep say Thanks to her ^^
so happy~First time go there can got free 水饺和鸡翅膀 eat.hehe...

Tomorrow gonna watch my bro with graduated suit ^^
hehee...can use his netbook online...good ~

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