Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Day

yesterday 18/8/2010 (wednesday)
I took offday with my promoter.
Then go celebrated friend's birthday ~
hoho~we celebrated at TC and fun of playing games and punishment of the games.
My gang really a crazy gang~
My friend so crazy until can't stand still~haha
luckily got took some pictures of us during that day ~
ee and hui slept at my house..and three of us can't sleep well~hehee
Then Today also happy day 19/8//2010 (Thursday)
First, one customers bought clothes from my brand and total are RM 557.95 something~ total is seven clothes~ first time loh~ so much clothes purchased by customers.
Second, the chinese guy that always pass by my brand, suddenly today come to my brand and look at the tie~and start to talk with me ~He said that he was just looking around only..his face so cute ^^ ..Then I say nevermind. He asked me got discount for tie? I say no discount ~ then he walked away~
but the point is he talked and smile at me ~
Ok~Friday until monday need to go for KL to see my brother graduated ceremony...
After back need to face exam on tuesday ~
Oh~so pity of me T.T
I must be strong to face all this loH~
work and study and others

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