Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~PMR results~

wah ~saw them get their results
different face come out
mostly are happy ^^
some are not satisfied with their results
Think back my results~
but memory of my pmr results become lesser
ya,unhappy things not need remember wan ~
hahaha ~
anywhere now is near the day before the countdown~
really dont wan face SPM so fast ~
yo ~
If time can stop or reverse back izit it good
but this will not happen
nothing can return back after it happen
just can change it when on the future ~
so need to add oil when a new year coming ~


yuan chen said...

yalo.. i oso dun wan to face SPM so fast.. hate exam so much..
give me so much pressure... haiz..
but what we can do is juz to..
gambate.. n study hard.. wish u enjoy ur form 5 life oo.. ady last year in secondary sch liao.. make it a happy memory bah^^

巧克力 ^o^ said...

of course ~
must keep many many memories with friends at school ^^

世庆 said...

yaya,spm hard
i love form 3 better than form 4...
anyway,muz jia you o!

巧克力 ^o^ said...

same as me ~
form 3 can play until very very high ~
miss my friends especially the moments at form 3 ~
yaya~gambateh ^^