Tuesday, December 16, 2008


now is 1.08 am ~
Just finish chatting with friends from MSN~
got 2 person I chatting with ...dunno why lah~
but today they suddenly MSN with me and chatting ~
chat until just now ~
* need my comments about his drawing ~
another wan is just long time no chat ~
today can say I quite late go to bed~ ~
usually 12.00 midnight I go sleep ~
then I think wanna write at blog ~
write for nothing ~just wanna write write only...
I think many things can change although just a year ~
haha ~anywhere best wish for myself ^^
hehee.... one things appear at my mind now~
" that is I hope receive many many birthday presents from my friends~
I mean next year ~must celebrate with them ~
if not >< ,no chance loh ~"
19-22 dec I would not be around at here ~
I will going for xue ji camp at temerloh there ~
wish me good luck ^o^


〖wEi xiN】 said...

is Tiang la

巧克力 ^o^ said...

also include in temerloh mah ~
haha ~ nevermind de lah ~