Sunday, December 28, 2008

chating with friends~

chat with friends at MSN ~
oh ~actually my friend dont know who is that person ~
aiyo...make me thought that he know that person ~
aiyo ~actually I also not so care about it ~
but still wanna know ,since we lost contact ~
Then I thought my friend know ...
today chat chat with my friend,rupa-rupa he dont know anything ~
haiya...nevermind lah ... is myself misundestand only ~
chat with another friends ~
ask them same questions about school things lah...
suddenly they talk far away for the topic...
say sad ~ sad ~sad ~
oh ya,can see clearly..they talking about their love ~
anywhere hope both of ur love story will continue oh ~
good luck for my this two friends ^^
then I feel that many things I not yet done ~
how I wanna complete it ~
I mean school works and others ~
oh dear,now is 12.25am midnight ....
It is time for me to go bed ~
oh well,good night loh ~
nice chating with my friends
make me miss my other friends which long time no chat ^ - ^
miss my other friends from different places...
I miss your all fast got time contact with me oh ^^

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