Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday is going to end ~

Oh my god, see back the calendar the holiday so short ~ It is going to end~
year 2009 is around the corner ...
and I'm stil the same ....nothing change...
just eat much more than usual on holiday and become fatty a bit ^^
no vacation ~ no visit place ...stay at home only ~
go for the xue hai camp ~later go for the xue ji camp ~ T.T
money money $.$ fly away ~
anywhere I must gain knowledge and experiences from those camp ~wakakaka
If not ,just waste my parent's money to sponser me go for the camp ~
camp camp camp ~
If the camp like jungle treking,play waterfall,something more excited ~It will be more fun ~
I heard my malay friend said before at her place(Terengganu) got camp like that ...
I want to go ...but I cant =.= because the camp so far ~and is organised by her school ~
oh my god !!! say before when holiday must revision ~
the final results alredy unstable ,but I still not yet prepare for the coming SPM ~
and my revision are totally none ~ I mean I not yet do revision when holiday ~
not just my homework revision ,my animes show ~ I also not yet watch ~
anywhere when holiday I watching TV (drama)about dragon on ntv7(2.30pm-3.30pm)
I like to watch that show ...hehee
no do revision ~ no yet watch animes ~ haiz .....
so fast I need to face SPM already ~ scare ~ ~ ~
after that need to plan for my future road ~ more scare ~~~
want to chat with my old friends ...
but seem they so busy I have no reason to bother them ~
they busy with their work,busy with their university study ~ BUSY ALL THE TIME ~
no time to chat with me ~when have time to chat,then nothing to chat ~
today suddenly write blog in english version~ because the reason stil same ..lazy type in chinese ...
Today I just write something that was passed by my mind ..then I type it out ~
I always wish that this world will like "Magic World"~
dont your all think it will be more amazing ~
yaya ~this world is reality not the place that will have magic such as ...
the movie like "Harry Potter " ~
Then I think back that the journey for a year I be a form 4 student ~
I learn a lot ~not just at school but also at XUE JI family there ~
know how to handle this ..know how to solve that problem and so on ~
had tasted sweetness,pain,stressful and others ~
miss my friends ~ my friends at shcool ~my classmates ^o^
Miss your all ^^
see your all soon then ~


〖wEi xiN】 said...

i oso wan leh..

巧克力 ^o^ said...

ya lah ~very fun de~
look like a bit suvivor
got play many things that we never try before ~
but that wan is not at kuantan lah ~haha